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handbook - student conduct process + purpose


Humboldt State University's Community Guidelines are designed to promote a quality living and learning environment for all residents and to set forth the conditions governing residents’ eligibility to remain part of the residence hall community. The department has designed the student conduct process to address violations of guidelines outlined in the Residence Hall Life and You Handbook and the Student Housing License Agreement. It is important to note that any Housing student conduct process may take place prior to, or concurrently with, University, violation or criminal processes. Also important to understand is that the student conduct process will take precedence over any request to vacate the residence halls. Also, please note that residents who are on housing probation will not be eligible to return to the residence halls.

Residents will receive notification concerning the alleged violation of guidelines. This notification may request your attendance at a meeting with one of the following: Residence Life Coordinator, another Housing administrator, or the Assistant Dean of Student Rights & Responsibilities.

In most cases, you will be given 48 hours advance notification of the time and date of your meeting via e-mail. If you are unable to attend a scheduled meeting due to a class conflict or employment, you may contact your Residence Life Coordinator to reschedule (note: you must contact the RLC at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled meeting time). During this meeting you will have the opportunity to discuss the incident. Following the meeting, a decision will be rendered and accountability sanctions may be imposed if you are found to be responsible for a community guideline violation.

Please note that if you fail to attend a meeting the student conduct process will proceed without your participation. Also note, failure to receive notice of the meeting due to not checking your mail/e-mail is not a valid excuse for missing the meeting.

The use of attorneys is not permitted in the student conduct process.

Depending on the violation and judicial history of the resident, a variety of sanctions may be imposed. This list gives some examples of potential sanctions:

  • Community Service
  • Research/Reflection Paper
  • Written Warning
  • Educational Module(s)
  • Fines
  • HSU probation through Student Affairs
  • Removal of personal property creating the violation
  • Residence hall probation (Student Housing License Agreement will be in jeopardy)
  • Removal from the residence halls without release of financial obligation (this includes the loss of eligibility to return to the halls the next year)
  • University suspension or expulsion through Student Affairs

Removal from Housing

Removals will generally take place 3 business days from the date of notification. In cases where the immediate safety and security of residents is threatened, removal could take place in less than 3 business days.Residents are notified via Humboldt e-mail and in some cases notifications are hand delivered (please note that failure to check your e-mail is not an acceptable reason to request an extension of removal date). If you are removed from the halls, you are not released from your financial obligations and you lose your privilege to live on campus in the future. If you already signed a license agreement for the following summer or the next academic year, you will be charged a $200 cancellation fee.

Requesting A Student Conduct Decision Review

You may request a student conduct decision review if you meet one or more of the following conditions:

  • The outcome of a conduct hearing was determined without sufficient information/insight.
  • The department did not provide due process. Due process in a University administrative proceeding essentially means that:
    • The Department has followed the student conduct process as presented in the Residence Hall Life and You Handbook and the Student Housing License Agreement
    • Notice of the alleged violation(s) has been provided
    • if applicable, an opprotunity to present thoughts/information at a meeting has been provided
  • The assigned accountability sanction(s) is inappropriate in relation to the resident's judicial record and/or the nature of the violation.
  • New information/insight becomes available that would have likely made a substantive difference in the outcome of the meeting.

Requests for a student conduct decision review must be submitted in writing within 2 business days of a resident receiving written notice of the outcome of the conduct hearing in question. Requests should be submitted (and dated) to the Housing Office (Attn: Assistant Director of Residence Life). Requests must outline how the specific circumstances meet one or more of the conditions listed above. Please also include in the request your name and contact information.

Once a request is submitted, the Assistant Director of Residence Life, or appointee, will review the request and determine if grounds for a student conduct decision review exist. Generally, you will be notified whether or not you have been granted a review within 3 business days of submitting a request.

Please Note: If the request is denied, the removal date and any additional sanctions assigned will still be in effect. Residents are expected to comply with all sanctions and plan accordingly until otherwise notified.

Submitting a request does not grant an automatic student conduct decision review. Additionally, a review does not guarantee a less severe sanction and could result in a more severe sanction. Questions about this process should be directed to your Residence Life Coordinator.

Please note that simply disagreeing with a student conduct decision made by a Residence Life Coordinator is not sufficient to make an appeal. One of the four criteria listed above must be met.