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Residence Hall Organizations

Your involvement and ideas will ultimately shape what your living environment looks and feels like. Funding, support and advice for community projects is available from the councils in the residence halls. Here are a few of the councils in which you can participate.

Resident Housing Association (RHA) is an umbrella organization for the entire residential community. Representatives from each of the organizations below comprise RHA. This council allocates money from resident activity fees to other residence hall organizations for activities throughout the year. RHA exists to support area councils and other councils in the residence halls. Elections and appointments for the RHA executive board take place in the spring; however, most council positions are filled in the fall. Visit their website for more information.

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is a national organization designed to recognize outstanding service in the residence halls. Active membership is limited to 1% of the resident population or 20 students. Members must be nominated and are inducted into NRHH at the end of each semester.

NRHH is focused on recognizing the efforts of excellent students, staff and programs through Of the Month (OTMs) awards and the Residence Life Student of the Year Award. In addition to being recognized locally, these awards often receive regional and national recognition. You can recognize people who are doing great things in your community by nominating them for an Of the Month award; more information is available online at

You can recognize people who are doing great things in your community by nominating them for an "Of the Month Award". More information is available online at

The Dining Committee is a group of students who advise the dining service operation on campus by recommending menu items and policy changes. Recently this group has created new menu items and services that have diversified the selection of food offered at the “J.” The committee is advised by the "J" Manager, Ron Rudebock.

Area Councils are community groups that represent their area’s interest to the Residence Hall Association and also contribute to their community. Getting involved in an area council is a great way to get to know people in your community, create events and make your residence hall a home. Your involvement in an area council is a great way to see your tastes and ideas reflected in your community.

The Hill, Canyon, Creekview, Cypress, Campus Apartments and College Creek each have their own area council. The Residence Life Coordinators serve as advisors to these groups. These councils form at the beginning of the fall semester. Concerns, event ideas and money requests for projects can be brought to area councils.

Residence Programming Board (RPB) puts together large all-area events. RPB is comprised of representatives from each of the RHA organizations and community members who wish to participate. This organization selects the movies that are shown in the Recreation Room each week. In the past, activities such as Feast and Fest, Casino Night, Haunted JGC and the annual residence hall Clubs & Activities Fair were sponsored by this council.

Residents of Culture Council (ROCC) is a group committed to social justice advocacy and education. Through campus-wide collaboration, ROCC members put on programs and events promoting diversity, pluralism and equity. 

Residence Official Board of Technology (ROBOT) discusses the technological needs of our community. Members from this board are responsible for council web pages, technology oriented events such as html workshops or video game competitions, the RHA sound system and making recommendations for improvements.

In addition to these councils there are also other community groups including Q&A (Queers and Allies), N.A.K.E.D (mental health advocacy), and more.