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Housing & Residence Life

Current Residents

Handbook - Your Rights & Responsibilities

The residence halls at HSU strive to provide an atmosphere in which students are encouraged to achieve individual goals while assuming individual responsibilities. They are listed below.

You Have a Right to…

  • Sleep and study in your room free from undue interference
  • Have control over your personal belongings
  • Enjoy a clean and safe environment
  • Entertain guests when it does not infringe upon another resident's rights, or conflict with community guidelines
  • Feel respected and valued
  • Be free from all forms of intimidation and verbal, physical, or emotional harm
  • Have the ability to provide feedback concerning the development of the community
  • Bring forward issues and grievances
  • Seek the aid of staff in resolving conflicts

Your Responsibilities Include…

It is your responsibility to assist in making your community a comfortable place to live. If another resident is violating community guidelines or exhibits behavior that disturbs you or other residents, you should approach that resident and reasonably request that the behavior cease. Both the student and professional staff are also available to give advice about ways to make confrontational situations more comfortable.

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the department does not permit access to or disclose information contained in a resident’s judicial records, unless the resident signs a waiver allowing us to release this information.

  • Living in a community is not always easy. Each of us comes from a different background and has different expectations for living in a group environment. The established guidelines are intended to give you and your neighbors a general set of standards by which you can ensure that your rights and responsibilities are clearly defined and protected. Residents are expected to become familiar with and adhere to all guidelines and information contained in this handbook and the Housing & Residence Life License Agreement.
  • Residents are responsible to demonstrate the ability and a willingness to establish and maintain a reasonable relationship with their roommate.
  • Residents are responsible for ensuring that their guests know and adhere to all university and residential life guidelines and policies. Residents can be held responsible, including financially, for the actions of their guests in and around the residence halls.
  • Residents have a responsibility to remove themselves from any situation during which a policy violation is occurring. All residents present during a policy violation may be held responsible for that violation. Residents can also be held responsible for any policy violation that occurs in their room (even if they are not present).
  • Residents are responsible for community common areas so that if damage occurs and billing follows residents can and will be held financially accountable.
  • In order to help create both a safe and secure environment, residents are responsible first to ensure that doors are closed and locked and second to know those residents who reside in your community as well as those who do not.

These guidelines do not attempt to define every acceptable or unacceptable form of behavior. Failure to adhere to these expectations can result in removal from the residence halls. In situations not covered by specific guidelines, residents are expected to use common sense and conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner.