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Off-campus Meal Plans


Living off campus doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the convenience and value of a meal plan. In fact, there is a plan that was designed specifically for the needs of off-campus students. Let us do the dishes while you enjoy all the benefits and value of a meal plan created especially for you.

This year you have a couple different choices for an off campus meal plan. We have the standard off campus meal plan listed below or you can select a plan similar to the on campus meal plan. The NR Mini, NR Green, NR Gold and NR Humboldt. (NR=Non Resident) The difference being we are offering these off campus meal plans by the semester instead of for the entire academic year.  You can select and purchase the standard off campus meal plan listed below today online or by visiting the Dining Services Cashier. If you would like to select the off campus version of the on campus meal plan you will need to stop in and visit the Dining Services cashier or down load the forms here and mail them with your check to UCBO, 1 Harpst Street, Arcata, CA 95521. Please make checks payable to HSU Dining Services.

Traditional Meal plans for Off Campus Students

Please review the meal plans page to learn more details about the Mini, Green, Gold and Humboldt meal plans remembering the NR Mini, NR Green, NR Gold and NR Humboldt are sold by the semester instead of by the year so review the prices and number of J-Points with the semester numbers. You can add additional J-Points to the NR-Green, NR Gold and NR Humboldt meal plans but not the NR mini or the standard off campus plan. The NR Mini, NR Green, NR Gold and NR Humboldt have the same dates, terms and costs as the on campus meal plans with the exception of the agreement is for one semester instead of for the full academic year. Also if you purchase a Fall Semester plan only, any points purchased above your allotted fall semester points will be converted to C-Card money at the end of the Fall Semester.  If you have not used all of your allotted Fall Semester points by the end of the Fall Semester, you will be able to continue using the remaining fall points during the Spring Semester.  Unused Spring Semester points are not refunded or available for use past the end of the Spring Semester. Please email rlr4@humboldt if you have any questions..  

Standard Off Campus Meal Plan:

Similar to the meal plans available for Residence Hall students, the off campus meal plan is composed of value added to your account, which you can spend at any Dining Services location, and a Fixed Cost portion.

Total Cost for Off Campus Meal Plan


J-Point value added to your account

$195.00 (19,500 J-Points)

C-Card value added to your account


Fixed Cost (allocated to operate the J)


The off campus meal plan is unique in that the value added to your account is composed of both J-Points and C-Card value. After purchasing the meal plan, you can see the balance of your J-Points and C-Card on our web page, or you can ask a cashier for your balance during any transaction.

J-Points are best used at The J, where you receive a 67% discount compared to cash prices. You can use J-Points at any other Dining Services location and receive a 25% discount. Using your J-Points at The J is your most economical choice, because the Fixed Cost portion of your meal plan (see below) is allocated towards the operation of The J.

Your C-Card value can be used at any Dining Services location, campus vending machines, and to pay for printing at campus computer labs. Using your C-Card at an HSU Dining Services location gives you a 5% discount, and is the best value at all locations other than The J.

The Fixed Cost portion of the meal plan is the portion that we allocate to pay for our non-food costs at The J. It pays for electricity, water, gas, wages, rent, insurance, replacement for lost and broken dishes, equipment, repairs, etc. When you purchase the off campus meal plan, you will see the amount that goes towards Fixed Cost ($190), however, since it is allocated internally, you won’t see your Fixed Cost balance online or during transactions.

This off campus meal plan offers the convenience and flexibility you need as an off campus student. You can purchase this meal plan at any time, and it never expires, unless the account is inactive (no transactions) for 16 months in which case we charge you a $20.00 account maintenance fee or the balance of the account whichever is less. That means if you choose to buy the plan the last week of Spring semester, the value will still be there in the Fall. You can’t add J-Points to the off campus meal plan, but if you run out of value, you can purchase a new plan at any time. There’s no need to wait for a new semester to begin in order to continue enjoying the convenience and value of a meal plan.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact the Director of Dining Services at  or call us at 707-826-3451.

Purchase an Off Campus Meal Plan

for your self

Purchase an Off Campus Meal Plan

   for someone other than your self

For the 2015 2016 Academic year our operational dates are listed below:


Dates of Service


Fall Semester

115 Total Days of

Full Service

August 15th to November 18th

Full – 96 Days

November 19th to November 27th – Fall Break

Limited – Convenience Store

November 24th


November 28th to December 16th

Full – 19 Days

December 17th to January 2nd


January 3rd to January 8th– Semester Break

Limited – Convenience Store

Spring Semester

115 Total Days of

Full Service

January 9th to March 10th

Full – 61 Days

March 11th to March 19th– Spring Break

Limited – Convenience Store

March 20th to May 12th

Full – 54 Days


Please visit our web site for operational hours for each of the locations.

How many J Points do I have?

You can look up your J Point balance and transaction history at “My J Point Account History” or through our web site. Any Dining Services cashier can also tell you your J Point balance. With Plan H any J-Points that you did not use by the end of the fall are left on your account to use in the spring. Any balance on your account at the end of the academic year will be there for you to use the following academic year. Your J-Points do not expire with Plan H. There is a service fee if there is no activity on your account for 16 months or $20.00 or the balance of the account whichever is less.

Where can I use my J Points

J Points may be redeemed at any of the dining service operations. It is important to note that a portion of the initial cost of the meal plan goes toward the operating cost of The “J.” This fixed cost pays for staff wages, supplies, utilities and so forth. As a result, all items in The “J” are priced without the fixed operating cost; therefore this becomes the best value for spending your J Points.

The “J,” the main dining room for residents and the campus, features a choice of three entrées per meal (one vegetarian), a build your own sandwich bar (lunch time only), a salad bar (lunch and dinner), a fruit bar, a variety of beverages, snack items and assorted fruits and desserts. If you wish, you may design your own breakfast on the grill, cook your own waffles or toast your own bread or bagel, as well as purchase assorted “grab & go” meals and full breakfast entrées.

“J Grill,” located in The “J,” is open Sunday through Friday nights and offers a variety of gourmet burgers, fries, char broiled chicken and vegetarian options. All dishes that the “J Grill” serves are custom made to fit the taste of the customers who can watch their food being made through the glass enclosed cooking area.

Giant’s Cupboard or “The Cupboard” is a convenient on campus mini-grocery store for residence hall students located on the 1st floor of the Jolly Giant Commons. It carries a variety of snacks and vegetarian foods, as well as a variety of locally made items. Toiletries and school supplies are available for the student’s convenience.

The Depot has several unique food stations that offer a variety of flavors and prices. Some examples include Jack’s Grill, Pizza, Bakery, Smoothie Bar, Salsa City Mexican food and locally roasted organic coffees from Humboldt Bay Coffee Co. and Muddy Waters Coffee and Espresso. At the Depot you can find atmospheres to hang with friends, listen to music, or study in silence. “Hot spots” or Wireless Internet connections can be found throughout the Depot. Items are listed at cash price with a 25% discount given to customers using J Points.

The Library Café is a wireless internet coffee bar offering light snacks, coffee and espresso drinks. Conveniently located on the first floor of the Library, the café offers a modern coffee shop environment where students can study, meet with friends, and charge their laptops or cell phones; all while enjoying a bite to eat or their favorite beverage.

Hilltop Marketplace offer snacks as well as a variety of locally made food items. Toiletries and school supplies are also available for the student’s convenience. Merchandise is listed at cash price with a 25% discount given to customers using J Points.

College Creek Marketplace is a full service marketplace, offering a wide variety of groceries, featuring innovative organic and natural products as well as conventional classics. The market also offers a made-to-order sandwich bar, coffee and espresso, local gourmet baked goods, a salad bar, hot soups and more, making it the perfect stop to pick up lunch or a few essentials after class.

Windows Café is a full service restaurant, with a gourmet menu that highlights the finest local ingredients that Humboldt County has to offer. Located in the University Center building, Windows Café is a convenient option for a more formal dining experience, without a formal dress code.


How are items priced in The “J”?

A typical entrée is priced at the cost of the ingredients divided by the number of servings, taking into account a waste factor. Prepackaged items are priced at our costs with consideration given to spoilage and breakage.

Is it possible to run out of J Points

It is not possible to design a meal plan that will fit everyone’s needs. To avoid running out of J - Points quickly, we suggest you use most of your J-Points at the “J,” limit the amount of higher priced entrées. You can also enjoy significant savings by purchasing fountain drinks and cafeteria prepared items rather than purchasing prepackaged foods and bottled drinks. Rest assured that if you run out of J-Points you can purchase an other Plan H. Do not forget that your J-Points and C-Ca rd value roll forward.

Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns regarding how the meal plan works? 

Ron Rudebock, Director of Dining Services, can be reached at 707.826.3451 or email him at and welcomes any comments, suggestions, concerns or feedback that you would like to share.


Purchase an off campus meal

for your self

Purchase an off campus meal

for someone other than yourself.


Thank you for your interest in our meal plans and for purchasing an off campus meal plan. We hope you will enjoy our services and take the time to explore all of our units and choices. Please email us with suggestions and comments at


Agreement Details:

The purchaser and or the user of the off campus meal plan agrees to all the terms and conditions listed below and on our web site. Please read the information thoroughly and contact us if you have any questions.

MEAL CARD -- Your HSU ID card is your meal card. This card must be presented to the cashier when purchasing dining items. J Points and C-Card value are electronically deducted from your ac­count as items are purchased. If you lose your HSU ID Card, a temporary meal card (voucher) is issued at The J that is valid for three days and only can be used at the J. Please report your ID card lost by going to our web site and select C-Card scroll to the bottom to the “Lost your HSU ID Card?” link.  You will need to pay $5 to the campus cashier for a new HSU ID Card which can be obtained from the University ID Office in the Library.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USAGE -- The use of Dining Service Facilities is subject to Article 5 and 6 of Chapter 1 of part 5 (sections 42000-42103) of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations. The use of all Dining Facilities is subject to all provisions for this agreement.

Location and meal plan tender is at the discretion of Dining Services. No reduction of dining service fees is permissible because of dietary or other related needs including allergies, vegan or vegetarian requirements. Refunds for unused J Points and C-Card value are only allowed when the purchaser provides proof of withdrawal from the University prior to the end of the semester in which the plan was purchased. Unused J Points and C-Card value at the end of the semester will be rolled forward to the next semester. When there is no account activity (sales) for a period of 16 months an account maintenance fee will be charged. The current fee is $20.00 or the balance of the account whichever is less.


HSU Dining Services may revoke this license for any reason by giving not less than 72 hours written notice to the student. Notice shall be served personally upon the student or, at the discretion of the University, mailed via certified mail to the address provided at the time of purchase.

Cancellation of the meal plan license will return to the purchaser all unused prepaid costs, J Points and C-Card value. Failure to give 30 days' notice of intent to cancel the dining plan license will result in a pro rata charge for each day less than 30 days' notice. Such notice shall be given by submitting a request by email to

This agreement may be cancelled with 30 days' notice if the student is withdrawing from the University prior to the end of the semester in which the plan was purchased.