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Closing Memo

Check out the 2011 Closing Memo for information on checking out of the residence halls, cleaning your room, updating your address and getting your $100 security deposit refund!


December 2010

Winter Break Memo

The Winter Break Memo has important information regarding staying or leaving during the winter break (December 18, 2010-January 10, 2011), general cleaning tips/reminders ,and Housing + Dining's operational hours.

November 2010

Fall Break Memo

The Fall Break Memo has information regarding staying or leaving during the fall break (November 20-28, 2010), requesting to vacate the residence halls, Housing + Dining's operational hours, and what to do if you are sick. Please read!

Housing + Dining Staff

Self Defense Class November 16 from 7-9pm in West Gym

As you may know, we've been working to put on a self defense class.

Its happening! WOMAN'S SELF DEFENSE CLASS put on by the North Coast Rape Crisis Team is going on Tuesday, November 16th from 7-9 pm in the WEST GYM This course is specifically for women identified people living in the residence halls. All ages.

Want a New Room for Spring? Participate in the Room Move Fair!

The time of the semester is drawing near when there will be an opportunity to select a new room for the spring semester. The December Room Move Fair provides current residents with the opportunity to select a new room for the spring semester based on the availability of vacant rooms. The Room Move Fair will take place on Wednesday, DECEMBER 1, 2010 from 6pm-9pm.

If you are interested in participating in the Room Move Fair, you will need to contact David Bracamontes (contact information below) before Wednesday, NOVEMBER 24, 2010 at 5PM in order to have your name added to the room move wish list.  Please provide us with your name, current room, rooming preference, and email address.  The opportunity to choose rooms is on a first come, first serve basis. Priority is assigned based on the day and time your email is received.  (Single room requests are exempt from this process.)

Once you are on the room change wish list, you will be provided with information about the Fair and the time that you can attend via email.  Please note that if you select a new room for the spring semester, you will need to completely move out of your room before leaving for semester break, no later than Saturday, DECEMBER 18, 2010 at 10 AM. In order to accommodate this, you may either take your belongings home or place them in storage in the building where you will be moving.  We cannot guarantee that your room will be available before Tuesday, JANUARY 11, 2011 at 9 AM. If you have a circumstance that requires you to reside on campus during the semester break, you will need to let us know during the Room Move Fair so that we can make the appropriate arrangements.

If you have any questions about the Room Move Fair, please contact David Bracamontes.


David Bracamontes

Residence Life Coordinator for the Canyon (707) 826-5516

Reminder of Request to Vacate Process for Students Leaving HSU and Halls at end of Fall Semester

Are you graduating or transferring from HSU? Are you with the National Student Exchange Program and only registered for one semester at HSU?

If so, you need to stop by the Housing Office and complete a request to vacate form by Thursday, November 18th, 2010 to avoid penalties.  The form is also available online at:

Completing this form provides us with the required 30-day notice that you are vacating the residence halls because you are leaving the university.  If you complete the form by November 18th, you will not be charged penalties for not providing 30 days notice.  After that date, you will be charged a prorated penalty fee for each day of notice that is less than the required 30 days.  Students leaving the residence halls at the end of the fall semester must have checked out of their rooms by 10:00AM December 18.  If you are leaving it is very important that you complete this form.

PLEASE NOTE:  This does not apply to students who wish to vacate the residence halls while remaining a student at the university.  That is an entirely different process that you also need to complete through the Housing Office.

Satisfaction Survey Open Until November 19th

ENTER TO WIN NOW!    160GB iPod Classic,  16GB iPod Nano or a 8GB iPod Touch

The Department of Housing and Dining Services is interested in your opinion about your residential experience. Your sincere feedback is very much appreciated. The results will assist us in our continuing efforts to improve our facilities, programs and services.

Complete the on-line survey by 5 pm, Friday, November 19th to be eligible to win your choice of a:  160GB iPod Classic,  16GB iPod Nano or a 8GB iPod Touch. The living group with the highest return rate of each area (Sunset, Redwood, Canyon, Cypress, Creekview, Campus Apartments or College Creek) and/or 100% return rate will receive an ice cream social.

The on-line survey is located at

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.

October 2010

Resources Available to Residents, Monday October 25

On Sunday morning a suspect was arrested after allegedly committing unauthorized entry to the residence halls areas and assaulting several residents and Housing Staff members causing minor injuries. The suspect is being held in the Humboldt County jail. More information is available for this incident at this link:

In response to this incident, Housing will be holding community meetings tonight. Staff and University Police will be present to talk about this incident, address any safety concerns, and reaffirm HSU’s commitment to safety. These meetings will be at the following times and locations:

6 pm in the Klamath River room on the 2nd floor of the JGC.

7 pm in the Sunset Classroom on the 1st floor of Sunset Hall.
  • Counseling Center Staff will be available to meet with residents at the following times and locationsl:

    8 pm in the Klamath River room on the 2nd floor of the JGC.

    7:30 pm at College Creek in the Great Hall room on the 2nd floor of the Community Center.

    Individuals are also encouraged to seek counseling through the university during normal operational hours, 9 – 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

    Personal safety information is available online at

Looking for Volunteers to Show Their Rooms During Fall Preview

We need your help!

Housing + Dining is looking for residence hall rooms to show incoming students during Fall Preview, Friday and Saturday October 15th and 16th.  Specificially, we are looking for rooms in the following areas:

Canyon:  1st floor of Cedar and 1st Floor of Pepperwood.

Creekview:  1st Floor of Fern, Laurel, Willow

Cypress:  2nd Floor & Cypress East 2nd Floor

Hill:  1st floor of Redwood North and 1st floor of Sunset South & East

College Creek:  1st Floor of Shasta, Del Norte, Mendocino, Trinity

Campus Apartments:  1st Floor

Housing tours will be leaving the University Center every 30 minutes from 9am-3pm on Friday and 9am–1pm on Saturday.   The last tour will be leaving the UC quad at 3pm.  Tour groups will have a maximum of 30 people.  In most cases we would like the groups to be much smaller so they have the ability to interact with the guide and have all their questions answered.

If you would like to show your room from 8:45am- 3:45pm (on Friday) and 8:45am-1:45pm (on Saturday), please contact Buddy White by October 7th at 5pm.  Each resident of the room will receive 2000 J-points added to their dining account. Students volunteering to show their room and those that live in the apartment/suite/floor will receive an ice cream social.

Remember, please check with your roommate and/or suitemates to confirm showing your room/suite is acceptable.

If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us at  Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

HSU Housing + Dining Staff

September 2010

New Weekend Shuttle Stop - On L.K. Wood by College Creek!

Housing is pleased to announce that the weekend shopping shuttle will be making a scheduled stop at the College Creek Apartments this year. This shuttle is free to all residents and provides transportation to major shopping areas in Eureka including Target, Broadway Cinema, and The Bayshore Mall. The shuttle will be picking residents up at College Creek by the small locker room facility along side L.K. Wood Blvd and will be available starting this weekend Saturday, October 2.

Please see the new schedule and new stop map or go to our resources page for more details!


August 2010

Room Moves - September 6 - September 24

This e-mail serves as a reminder of our room move policies. Per our policy, you may request a room move during the 3rd-5th week of the semester. This is the only time during the semester where room moves are allowed without a compelling reason. For Fall 2010, this period begins on Monday, September 6 and ends on Friday, September 24. If you request a new room, you will be placed on our room wish list, and if a room opens up that is in line with your request, and you are next on the wish list for that type of room, you will be contacted. Being placed on the list does not guarantee that your request will be granted either during the open move period or after it expires. To request a room move, please contact your Residence Life Coordinator (RLC). RLC contact information and office locations are listed below. After the open room move period, we will not be able to place your name on the room wish list without a serious and compelling reason.

Please understand, on-campus housing is very full, with very few vacancies. For that reason, we are unable to accommodate most room move requests. Our staff is trained to handle most problems you may encounter in your living environment, so if you are experiencing difficulty, you are strongly encouraged to work with your Community Advocate or RLC to address any issues or concerns you have.

Thank you,

Office of Residence Life

To call any RLC, call 707-826-3451 and ask to be transferred.

Campus Apartments: Khou Yang,, office is located in the 2nd floor of the College Creek Community Center.

Canyon: David Bracamontes,, office is located in the Trinity River Suite on the 2nd floor of the JGC.

College Creek: Aurora Israelson,, office is located in the 2nd floor of the College Creek Community Center.

Creekview & Cypress: Jason Pender,, office is located in the Creekside Lounge.

Redwood Hall: Lydia Hicks,, office is located in the Redwood Lobby.

Sunset Hall: Vynessa Ortiz,, office is located in the Sunset Lobby.

Fire Alarm Testing September 6 - 10. EVACUATION IS MANDATORY

Dear Residents:

Each semester, in an effort to inform residents of the fire alarm evacuation areas as well as to introduce all residents to the sound of the fire alarms, the Department of Housing + Dining tests the fire alarm system in each building.  During the week of September 6-10, we will be testing the fire alarm systems.  ANY TIME you hear a fire alarm you must evacuate the building and look for Housing staff to direct you to the evacuation areas.

Please stay at your designated evacuation area(s) as a staff member will be accounting for each resident before the conclusion of the fire drill.

Should you have questions, please contact your Residence Life Coordinator or CA.

**College Creek Residents – The fire alarm systems in College Creek are all connected and when one goes off, they ALL go off. Therefore, you should expect to evacuate for up to 2 hours when the fire drill occurs in College Creek.

Office of Residence Life

HSU Housing + Dining

355 Granite Avenue

Arcata, CA 95521

Temp Room Card Access Expires Today, August 31 at Noon

Good Morning,

This is a general reminder to all residents that temporary card issued when you checked in to the residence halls will expire today, August 31st, at noon.  If you have not already transferred your door access to your HSU ID card, please come by the Housing Office to have your ID encoded to ensure you are not locked out of your room.  Our office is located on the 2nd floor of the JGC and we are open Monday through Friday: 8:00AM to 5:00PM.


HSU Housing + Dining

Parking Spaces in JGC Temporarily Closed on September 2

Dear Residents,

Parking spaces in the JGC parking lot will be temporarily closed on September 2 to allow delivery and re-installation of Housing's Co-Generator. Signage will be posted in the parking area to indicate the spaces affected (see attached map). The Co-Generator is very large and requires an 18 wheel truck and trailer to access those spaces in order for it to be delivered.

The Co-Generator provides electricity and hot water for heating the residence hall community and dining facilities as well as serving as a backup generator during power outages. The Co-Generator is housed in the building on the southern border of the JGC parking lot was removed during the summer so it could be rebuilt.

HSU Housing + Dining