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Welcome to the Humboldt Website of the

Pacific Coast Teacher Innovation Network (PacTIN)
In partnership with the UC Davis CRESS Center

About PacTIN
The Pacific Coast Teacher Innovation Network (PacTIN) supports teachers’ efforts to develop and implement creative and innovative approaches to engage and motivate students. By linking professional development to classroom activities coupled with high quality teacher-led reform efforts, this project will foster systemic long-lasting impacts on student achievement. Please visit the PacTIN main website for the latest details on grant opportunites.

PacTIN Goals Include:
(1) Participating teachers carry out professional development plans linked to school reform efforts
(2) Participating teachers effectively linking PacTIN activities to their classroom practices
(3) The creation of learning communities that support PacTIN activities
(4) The conduct of activities that positively impact school site culture and support effective and relevant learning among students.

PacTIN enhances K-12 teacher-led reform efforts by supporting teacher teams of 3-5 at their schools or districts. Over a two-year period he grant enhances student academic achievement in K-12 schools in the Pacific Coast Region (Del Norte to Ventura Counties). PacTIN also assists and supports the teams in accessing higher education resources to help them meet their goals and perform research on the efficacy of PacTIN projects for both the individual teachers and their schools.

Program success is montitored through a number of measures including formative and other classroom assessments, surveys intended to measure student engagement in the content, and where appropriate, standardized state assessments. Participating teachers gain a deeper understanding of both subject matter and pedagogical content, are better equipped to use challenging state academic content standards and student academic achievement standards, and also experience a positive shift in their perceived capacity to engage their student population.


Jeffrey White
PacTIN Director of Research
Redwood Science Project

Chris Hopper
PacTIN co-Director
College of Professional Studies

Julie Van Sickle
PacTIN Research Associate

Humboldt PacTIN Office
Science A Room 358
Humboldt State University
Arcata, CA 95521
(707) 826-5552

Mailing Address:
PacTIN – Humboldt
Humboldt Science & Math Center
Humboldt State University
Arcata, CA 95521


Joanne Bookmyer
PacTIN Project Director
CRESS Center

Rose Bacchini

PacTIN Program Assistant
CRESS Center

Mailing Address
CRESS Center
School of Education
UC Davis
Davis, CA 95616-8729