Heather Bernikoff-Raboy

Program Officer
California Consumer Protection Foundation

Portrait of Heather Bernikoff-RaboyIt's essential to give back to the community. That's how I was raised. My parents had my siblings and I volunteering and doing work for many different organizations when we were young. They felt that it was of paramount importance that we understood how fortunate we were and that we provided service. That's something that I've always carried with me.

At the California Consumer Protection Foundation, I work with many diverse communities and organizations, including tribes, large universities and grassroots organizations. Really, the work is about financially empowering organizations to address the needs of their constituents and building their capacity to inform and advance issues important to them.

In Humboldt County, HSU is a huge part of the community. It is a regional job and economic growth engine, also bringing in some of the best and brightest individuals to the community. Humboldt State fulfills a critical role in natural resources and sciences, producing out some of the finest scientists in their fields. However, HSU is also completing innovative work in the “green” sector – moving research, practical applications and policy across a wide spectrum of disciplines.

HSU drives enlightened policy, as well as provides the essential skilled intellectual capital the world needs to tackle our largest most complex issues. Humboldt State grads are most often critical thinkers who operate from the knowledge that systems are integrated and interdependent. This prepares them to advance important conversations and solutions that make the world a better place. I know this because I run into Humboldt State alum across the world in amazing jobs or involved in compassionate volunteer work. To the extent that I can lend assistance to the university, I am honored to do so.