Dick Cuneo

Past Chairman of the Board, Sebastiani Vineyards

Portrait of Dick CuneoMy years at Humboldt provided me with guidance, direction and an opportunity to succeed in the world in a way that made me feel like part of the greater community.

The teaching and experiences not only provided me a basic background to broaden my horizons. I also learned compassion, consideration and sensitivity, which always contribute to a better life for all. I've always had an affinity for the university and I thought, in a small way, I could help ensure the same experience for future students.

The instruction available to students provides them with the fundamentals they need to succeed in any field and the confidence to know that their goals are achievable. The university is also a vital and vibrant part of the local economy and community.

I originally came to HSU for its outstanding forestry program, but found my calling in business and economics. I was also able to broaden my experience outside of the classroom, catching razor clams in Trinidad, hiking in the redwood forests and enjoying the culture of Old Town Eureka.

I've continued to broaden my interests throughout my life, in meaningful ways, through my support and involvement in several organizations including the California Wildlife Foundation, the Sonoma Valley Unified School District Governing Board of Trustees and the Hanna Boys Center, a home for troubled and neglected youth.

In 1990, the Italian government recognized me as a Cavalier (Knight) Officiale for my contributions to the Italian state, including my continued support for a health clinic in Genoa, where my family has roots.

I hope to bring a unique perspective to the HSU Advancement Foundation board, and to help HSU continue to provide a valuable service to future generations.