Judy Dvorak (BA and MA, English)

Educational Publishing, Retired

Portrait of Judy DvorakHumboldt State has always been a place that is dear to my heart. I've been involved with it for as long as I can remember. Both my parents graduated from here, and my husband, brother and sister did as well — so it's a real family thing for us.

I like to say that I graduated from Humboldt State three different times. I attended College Elementary School, which used to be in Gist Hall, from kindergarten through 8th grade. Then later I earned my bachelor's degree and master's degree in English.

I'm on the Board because I want to help maintain the character of Humboldt State, to make sure today's students and tomorrow's students have the same great experience that my family and I have had. The small classes and personal attention from faculty — that made a real difference to me.

I see Humboldt State struggling because of tight state budgets. And I think it's incumbent on alumni and people who owe their success to Humboldt to give back and help preserve the unique things about the university.