Nick Frank

Business Consultant

Portrait of Nick FrankI have years of experience in international business, and I've always wanted to share what I learned with young people. Humboldt State is an ideal place to do that. I give talks in classes and I work with a number of academic departments on various projects where I can put my knowledge to work and give something back.

In this new century, more and more students are attracted to international business and the new globalization of many aspects of life and career. A number of them have ideas about how to solve problems our species have created, and they want to know how to get involved and make a difference. I get a sense of satisfaction from seeing and contributing to this social altruism.

Although I'm a businessman by background, I have many eclectic interests and I enjoy working with people who think outside the box. I like making waves. That, in a nutshell, is why I like being associated with Humboldt State. Long before it was popular, this campus was thinking green. There's a universal consensus here that green is good, that sustainability is essential. We can do a lot more with that and I'm pleased to be part of it.