Jenna Hanson


Portrait of Jenna Hanson After learning about Humboldt State in the 8th grade, Humboldt State University Advancement Foundation board student member Jenna Hanson, says HSU was a top school when applying to colleges in her senior year of high school.

Hanson has worked for HSU’s University Advancement’s as a caller in the Phone Jacks program for four years. She’s also has experience with the Alumni office as a field representative in Los Angles for the Discovery Project. The Discovery Project connects current HSU students with alumni in their area to discuss experiences and lessons learned from their time at HSU.

Academically, Hanson is studying marine biology and is involved with the HSU Marine Lab. Her senior project focuses on the prey preferences of small intertidal predatory snails (Nucella sp.). Her group’s research is breaking new ground and Hanson hopes to publish her work in the near future.

As a student member of the HSUAF board of directors, Jenna sees her roll as informing the board with an active and engaged student’s point of view. “I hope to provide insight as a student who is involved in multiple areas of the campus. Also, as a member of the development committee for the board, I hope to provide strategies from our (Phone Jacks) fundraising efforts,” says Hanson.

After graduating, Hanson is considering a volunteer deployment with the Peace Corps or graduate school for marine biology/zoology. Drawing on her experience with HSU’s Development Office and on the HSUAF board, Hanson says she is also is considering a career in development.