Dan Johnson

CEO, The Danco Group

Portrait of Dan JohnsonHumboldt State University, along with College of the Redwoods, is essential to the economy of Humboldt County.

As a local business owner and a community leader, my involvement with HSU is very important to me. My commitment as a member of the Advancement Foundation Board is to do all that I can to augment HSU's success and to help further its growth.

I am passionate about sports and the HSU Athletics program. Much of my involvement has centered on athletics and I have had the honor to meet many outstanding student athletes. However, it is not all about sports. Ultimately, it's about helping HSU to prosper so the students and community benefit.

Over the years I have sat on numerous boards. It is now my goal to focus my time where I can add the most value, thus making a difference. I have observed at other universities the impact a board can make. I am honored to be a part of the Foundation Board and will do my best to help navigate in the right direction.