Lisa Klyce

Retired Event Planner

Portrait of Lisa KlyceHSU is the treasure of the CSU system. For me, it was a private-school experience at an affordable price. Now, as an alumna, I'm excited to help the university continue its mission of delivering a top quality education, and preparing students to make a difference in the world.

Humboldt State University plays a very important role in California. Not only does the university supply the state with well-trained graduates, it inspires people from all walks of life to become engaged in their communities, making a difference in Humboldt County, California and all over the world. The public service I do today is a direct result of my experience at HSU.

Inside the classroom, HSU has top quality programs, without a doubt. But it's the environment outside the classroom that prepared me most for the challenges and opportunities the real world throws at me. In fact, my participation in clubs, campus organizations and internships is what gave me the confidence to start my own small business, and to take on leadership roles in my community and fundraising work. That's the kind of opportunity I want to pass on to the next generation and why I am proud to support Humboldt State University.