Alistair McCrone

Past President, Humboldt State University

Portrait of Alistair W. McCroneOne thing I have liked about Humboldt State is called the Humboldt Spirit. It's a way of looking at things that is very upbeat and positive. It's a real generosity of spirit. People at Humboldt State have a dedication to service, to helping society and humanity, and that's something I've always appreciated.

I enjoy hearing from our alumni about their experiences here. They tell me about professors they admired and respected, or unique educational experiences they had. They talk about doing interesting fieldwork beyond just textbook work. There's a lot of creativity among the Humboldt State faculty, and I think the students like that. The faculty are doing exceptionally good work, and they get the students very involved with them.

People ask why they should personally support Humboldt State. The answer is clear. The State does not provide enough appropriations to do even more fine things that we dream of doing, and which we certainly could do. Private giving provides for that margin of exceptional scholarly distinction.

There will be a Centennial soon, in 2013, which will provide much to celebrate. There is much, indeed, that deserves our pride. Humboldt State is already a unique and distinctive institution, and it is still progressing. In our next century, we will need additional resources to extend and expand our range of fine accomplishments.