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Welcome to Humboldt State University's Sponsored Programs Foundation. HSU SPF's primary mission is to provide the Humboldt State University community with professional and accessible Pre- and Post-award grant and contract services. HSU SPF administers virtually all externally-funded grants and contracts and submits proposals to external funding agencies on behalf of Humboldt State University.

We help faculty and administrators build bridges between Humboldt State University, external funding agencies, and other institutions to advance the University's mission. We work to foster excellence in sponsored programs by promoting best practices, policies, and procedures that ensure consistency and efficiency in our business.

Our work helps faculty and staff promote their professional development and advance their scholarly, educational, and research goals. We work with faculty to facilitate student employment to engage students in their own education and provide a rare opportunity for undergraduate and graduate hands-on research experience that adds to the value of their college experience at HSU.

We operate our office in a fiscally responsible manner as well as promote fiscal responsibility in the projects with which we work. We provide our customers with the most accurate and up-to-date information possible concerning all aspects of sponsored research from Pre- through Post-Award. We work with faculty and administrators to build relationships of trust, respect, and support.

HSU SPF is under the Office of Research, Economic & Community Development and is located in the Student Business Services Building, Room 427. HSU SPF can be reached by phone at (707) 826-4189 or by e-mail at We work together to meet the needs of our customers and we look forward to working with you on your next research endeavor.


HSU Sponsored Programs Foundation Services Survey

Our primary mission is to provide the Humboldt State University community with professional and accessible Pre- and Post-Award grant and contract services. We are always looking for new ways to help you be successful in furthering your research goals. We invite you to participate in a quick survey (at the below link) to let us know how we’re doing and share your feedback on any areas we can improve upon.

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This survey is completely confidential; any published results will be anonymous. Your participation in any study is entirely voluntary and you may decline to participate or may withdraw from it at any time without jeopardy. If you have questions regarding your rights as a participant, any concerns, or any dissatisfaction with any part of this survey, you may report them—confidentially, if you wish—to Dr. Rhea Williamson at (707) 826-5169 or Dr. Ethan Gahtan at (707) 826-4545.