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Humboldt State University Sponsored Programs Foundation

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Humboldt State University Sponsored Programs Foundation Nondiscrimination Policy

Humboldt State University Sponsored Programs Foundation (SPF) is committed to maintaining an environment free from unlawful discrimination. To fulfill this commitment, SPF will work to prevent unlawful discrimination from occurring and will ensure that SPF policies prohibiting discrimination are fully enforced.
It is the policy of SPF to prohibit unlawful discrimination against any employee or applicant for employment. Unlawful discrimination includes, but may not necessarily be limited to race, color, gender identity/expression, gender characteristics, religion, age, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, disability, medical condition, veteran status or national or ethnic origin.  No employee of SPF shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of or be otherwise subjected to unlawful discrimination, including discriminatory harassment, under any program of SPF.

Discrimination Complaint Process

 Anyone who believes his or her rights have been abridged is encouraged to report such acts as soon as possible after an incident.   It is important to recognize that delay in taking formal action with respect to an incident for more than 180, or in some cases, 300 days might foreclose access to federal or state investigative agencies. Filing a complaint with SPF is not a prerequisite to filing a complaint with a federal or state agency.  Any SPF employee may utilize the Discrimination Complaint Form to bring a formal complaint under this policy.

Humboldt State University Sponsored Programs Foundation Reasonable Accommodation Policy

Humboldt State University Sponsored Programs Foundation (SPF) is committed to providing reasonable accommodation to qualified applicants and employees with disabilities.  SFP employees and applicants who are seeking a reasonable accommodation because of a disability are encouraged to do so.  SFP employees and applicants should review the content of the Sponsored Programs Foundation Procedures concerning requests for Reasonable Accommodation.  SPF employees and applicants may contact the HSU/SPF ADA Coordinator for information about how to request a reasonable accommodation and about the reasonable accommodation interactive process.

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