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Humboldt State University Sponsored Programs Foundation Pre-Award Services

Major Funding Agency Data Management Guidelines

National Science Foundation

Beginning January 18, 2011, a Data Management Plan (DMP) will be required for all new NSF proposals. The contents of this DMP will be reviewed and scored as part of the merit review process. For more information visit

National Institutes of Health

For most grants over $500K, a data sharing plan must be included in the application and incorporated as a term and condition of the award. Final Research Data “should be made as widely and freely available as possible while safeguarding the privacy of participants and protecting confidential and proprietary data.” Currently, the NIH does not review this section as part of the proposal scoring process.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC’s data release/sharing policy requires that “all data are released and/or shared as soon as feasible without compromising privacy concerns, federal and state confidentiality concerns, proprietary interests, national security interests, or law enforcement activities." This applies to data collected for CDC through grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements.

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