Humboldt State University

Pay an Employee

Submitting Payroll: How to Avoid Common Mistakes


If you've ever submitted payroll through SPF chances are you've received at least one, “Payroll Issue” response email from our office. These reminders are a way for SPF to assist Payroll in processing timely and accurate timesheets.

By filling out your timesheets completely and correctly you not only help Payroll process your checks quicker but it also keeps SPF in compliance with labor laws. Based on the most common mistakes, here are some helpful ways to prevent errors:


  • All Payroll forms should be completed electronically if possible, as many of the fields are auto calculating
  • Forms are frequently updated; do not save them to your desktop. Always download the most current version from the website when submitting a new timesheet. *Note all forms will have a "Last Revised" date in the bottom right hand corner
  • Be sure to write your HSU ID # on all payroll documents
  • Clearly write your project name and number on all payroll documents
  • Do not send payroll documents through campus mail, as delays in delivery can prevent you from being paid on time