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June 2011



The following policy and procedure provide guidelines for the recognition and chartering of Centers/Institutes.  Institutes are to be distinguished from Centers, which identify a physical place and/or location of an indicated activity (e.g., Multicultural Center, Children’s Center, etc.). All Centers/Institutes created will complement and support the mission of the University.

All Centers/Institutes will have a brief written charter. Included in the charter are: (1) its purpose; (2) the composition of its governing board; (3) the regulations of the Center/Institute; and (4) its relationship to the University and to the administrative structure.  Unless otherwise specified, establishment of a Center/Institute shall not commit the University to specific activities that the Center/Institute may pursue. It shall not involve or imply the expenditure or commitment of the budgetary or space resources of the University unless otherwise specified. Centers/Institutes are normally expected to be self funded. Activities of the chartered Centers/Institutes are subject to relevant policies of the University and must be coordinated with activities of other affected offices.  Centers/Institutes shall be established on the basis of the procedure outlined below. 

A Center/Institute of the University must have the support of a college dean or appropriate administrator in the form of a memorandum. The recommending authority shall be responsible for overseeing the activities of the Center/Institute and for ensuring its compliance with relevant policies and procedures of the University. To establish a new Center/Institute, submit a Centers/Institutes Info Sheet with an attached charter and recommendation memo to the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs in SBS 427. Final approval by the Dean for Research and Sponsored Programs and the Vice President for Academic Affairs (or designee) will formally establish the new Center/Institute.

A Center/Institute shall be established and approved on the basis of a charter that includes:

(1)        The name of the Center/Institute (the word center or institute must be included in the name) and describes its general purpose or activity, such as the Humboldt Earthquake Education Center;

(2)        The purpose of the Center/Institute and how its activities and contributions support the research and educational mission of the University;

(3)        The self-regulating structure of the Center/Institute, including qualifications for membership and the means of self-regulation (i.e., through responsible individuals, boards, or committees);

(4)        The relationship of the Center/Institute to the administrative structure of the University and the nature and extent of any University commitment to the support of the activities of the Center/Institute; and

(5)        The name(s) of the lead person(s) of the Center/Institute, one of whom must be a tenure-track employee, a permanent employee, or a Management Personnel Plan (MPP) employee of the University.

The approved term of a Center/Institute typically shall be five years, at which time recognition shall be withdrawn unless renewed by the approving authority.  Approval for renewal requires that the Center/Institute submit the Renewal Request Form that includes a summary of the activities of the Center/Institute during the previous five-year period.  This summary will list participants, institutional and externally funded grants and contracts awarded to the Center/Institute, and any publications or creative projects.

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