Humboldt State University

Managing Your Budget

Managing your grant/contract budget is an important component to the success of your project.  Whether you’re paying wages to an employee or reimbursing a student for travel expenses, the Principal Investigator needs to understand how these charges impact his/her project. 

HSU SPF has many tools that can assist the Principal Investigator in administering his/her budget. These tools include monthly automated budgetary status reports, OBI Data Warehouse access related to financial management, and one-on-one sessions with Post-Award Grant Analyst’s. 

The Principal Investigator has fiscal responsibility for his/her grant/contract. SPF is there to assist the principal investigator in administering his/her budget according to the rules/regulations set forth by the funder, the OMB (Office of Management and Budget), the CSU, Chancellor’s Office and Humboldt State University.