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Humboldt State University Sponsored Programs Foundation Pre-Award Services

Applying for a Grant

When you are interested in obtaining grant funding, SPF is available to assist you at each step along the way. If you are looking for funding sources, please see our resources for finding funding.

Once you have identified where you plan to apply, please inform us by contacting our Pre-Award office so that we can begin helping you with your proposal submission. Grant writing and editing assistance is also available.

After having a conversation with your Chair and Dean, the following is a step-by-step timeline you should initiate at a minimum one month preceding the proposal due date. Click here to view!

Kristen Luke Pre-Award Specialist 826-5166 kristen.luke
Tricia Gill Pre-Award Specialist 826-5203 tricia.gill

Principal Investigators

The SPF Principal Investigators and Project Directors Policy identifies those individuals who are eligible to serve as Principal Investigators (PIs), Co-Principal Investigators (Co-PI’s), and Project Directors (PDs).


Pre-Award Forms

Forms listed here are specific to the grant award process.

Compliance Requirements

HSU recognizes the obligation of individuals and the institution to ensure that instances of conflict of interest do not improperly affect university activities, including those conducted through auxiliary organizations. Therefore, through the policies and procedures set forth herein, HSU SPF intends to identify and address potential conflicts of interest that may arise among campus personnel proposing or engaging in externally funded activities.

SPF Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) Policy The intention of the policy set forth below is to establish a uniform policy which covers state and federal laws and regulations currently in place and those anticipated and to provide the public with accountability in the institution's dealings with external organizations.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form (Form 700 U) (PDF) The Conflict of Interest Disclosure is mandatory for all grant awards. This CSU-mandated form must be completed prior to the grant award, as well as when the grant award ends.

Conflict of Interest template form for PHS NSF and other Federal Funders In accordance with Humboldt State University Sponsored Programs Foundation policy on Conflict of Interest, the Principal Investigator and all other investigators must disclose their personal significant financial interests (and those of their spouse/registered domestic partner and/or dependent children) related to their institutional responsibilities.

Responsible Conduct of Research Program

The CITI Program is a subscription service providing research ethics education to all members of our on campus research community. Selecting this link will allow you and your students to take any responsible research training course at no charge to your department. Once you have selected the link you will need to select new registration. Click here to register.

Export Control

Certain types of equipment, software and technology are regulated by the U.S. government and this may impact the university and its employees’ ability to host international visitors, participate in international conferences, and conduct research in a completely open environment. While the CSU remains dedicated to academic freedom and openness in research, it must comply with the various laws and regulations known as export controls.  Non-compliance with export controls may subject the university and individuals involved to civil and criminal penalties. For more information on guidelines Click Here.

Data Management Plan

In general, all research proposals expected to generate significant data should include a data management plan.  For more information Click Here.


North Coast Baseline Monitoring Proposals

For more information Click Here.

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