Employee Benefits

2015: Video: Your HSU Benefits

2016: Video: Your HSU Benefits (Effective 1/1/2016)


Benefit News

  • Open Enrollment will be September 14 - October 9, 2015.  More information will be posted as it is available.
  • There is no difference in plan coverage for either the Blue Shield Access+ HMO or the Anthem Blue Cross Traditional HMO.  However, both plans offer a separate prescription program, which may offer different coverage.  See next link to access more information regarding the drug formularies.
  • Open Enrollment PLAN CHANGES ONLY worksheet. Complete this form only if you are requesting a plan change for Open Enrollment in 2015. You cannot add or delete dependents using this form. You must complete the Benefit Enrollment Worksheet if you are making more than 1 change during Open Enrollment, if you are adding/deleting dependents, or changing dental plans.

CSU Benefits Portal

Find CSU-specific benefits, including finding a dentist and new 403(b) information.

CSU Total Compensation Calculator

Demonstrates the total value of your benefits and the signifigance of your CSU benefits package.

Understanding Your State of California Pay Warrant

How to read your pay warrant.

Hourly/Intermittent Employee Benefits

Summary of benefits available to hourly/intermittent employees.

Link to Benefit Forms

MPP Information

Health Benefits



Anthem Blue Cross Traditional HMO Plan

Blue Shield HMO Plans


Limited to members of Unit 08 Public Safety and must be dues-paying member of PORAC.

Dental Insurance

Flex Cash and Tax Advantage Premium Plan (TAPP)

Cash in lieu of health and/or dental benefits.

Vision Insurance

More information on your CSU Vision Plan.

Health Care/Dependent Care Reimbursement Accounts

See ' Flexible Spending Accounts' on above link.

Retirement Programs

Enrollment into these plans are automatic.


Part-Time Retirement Program

Voluntary Retirement Programs

Employer Paid Insurances

See 'Income Protection' using above link.

Time Off/Leave of Absence Programs

List of various leaves available to employees.

Disability Programs

Including NDI, IDL, Long Term Disability.

Catastrophic Leave Program

For catastrophic illness or injury.  More information may be accessed under 'Time Off/Leave of Absence' above.

Voluntary Benefit Programs

Employee Assistance Program

Free confidential counseling for employees and family members.