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HSU Ready - An Emergency Continuity Planning Program

EO 1014 delegates the responsibility for establishing and maintaining an effective continuity plan to guide the University through the aftermath of a disaster or emergency with the goal of maintaining the campus' instructional and administrative processes. The Chancellor's Office has contracted with the Kuali Foundation for the use of an emergency continuity planning tool called Kuali Ready. This very robust continuity planning software program was developed by Berkley graduate students. The Kuali Ready program is still served from the Berkley campus, but managed by the Kuali Foundation. The CSU is sponsoring individual campuses that want to use the Kuali Ready continuity planning software. Currently, approximately half of the CSU campuses are using this software.

The Kuali Ready tool is an electronic process for departments to create, store and maintain their own emergency continuity plans. Humboldt State University's emergency continuity planning tool will be called HSU Ready. Departments identified as performing essential functions to campus will be contacted and asked to provide input to complete a departmental emergency continuity plan. Once you have been notified, please follow the steps outlined below to complete your plan.

Getting Started

Login to HSU Ready and edit your department plan. You will be prompted for your HSU User Name and Password.

Once you have updated your HSU Ready department plan, it will be reviewed by the Emergency Continuity Planning Coordinator who will provide feedback and recommendations as necessary. Once the department emergency continuity plan has been approved, EO 1014 calls for:

  1. The departments to update their plan to reflect any key changes in personnel or departmental operations. Updates need to be signed by the department head and the Emergency Continuity Planning Coordinator.
  2. The departments to test and document some part of their plan once a year and the entire plan every seven years. The documented tests need to be signed off by the Emergency Continuity Planning Coordinator.

The Emergency Continuity Planning Coordinator(s) are:

Steve Karp,
Emergency Continuity Planning Coordinator

Carol Lorentzen,
Associate Vice President for Business Services

"Risk Management is everyone's job."
– Chancellor Reed