Women's Resource Center

Funded by Associated Students

About Us


Mission Statement

Because relations of domination affect all people; we at the Women’s Resource Center aim to provide the tools, support and safe spaces for empowerment and for people to dismantle systems of power, privilege and oppression. Simultaneously we are transforming our communities; as well as acknowledging and embracing diverse perspectives and strategies that promote collective visions of liberation.


Vision Statement

We at the HSU WRC envision a world in which:

  1. We are actively addressing privilege and oppression within our organization and working to create a space for all people to cooperate on equal grounds.

  2. We encourage and value feminist and social justice ideals, dialogues, and expressions.

  3. We are connecting with other social justice organizations, on campus and elsewhere, to build coalitions and community.

  4. We value and respect difference and the multiplicity of identity, recognizing that the health of our organization depends on it.

  5. We are sharing knowledge and resources with communities concerning issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, and the environment.

  6. We advocate the experience and enjoyment of positive sexuality and freedom of sexual expression, as well as both the affirmation of parenting and the affirmation of those who choose not to.

  7. We are working towards alternatives to capitalism: Honoring individuals and communities that are creating autonomous spaces for liberation.

  8. We experience the freedom to create, love, and enjoy both life and one another.

Spring Staff!

Cole Foks

Publicity & Matrix Editor

Office Hours: Monday Wednesday 2-3pm



Ian Alexander

Fiscal Coordinator

Office Hours: Tuesday Thursday 2-3pm



Stephane Pantaleon

Anti-Racist Coordinator

Office Hours: Tuesday Wednesday 9-10am



Hannah Zivolich

Outreach Coordinator

Office Hours: Tuesday Wednesday 12-2pm



Jessica Suarez

Environmental Justice Educator

Office Hours: Monday Wednesday 12-3



Sophie Zinda

Health & Body Politics Educator

Office Hours: Monday 10-12pm



Alexia Siebuhr

Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Prevention Educator

Office Hours: Tuesdays Thursdays 1-2pm