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Events & Workshops

The Women's Resource Center coordinates a variety of workshops and events throughout the Fall and Spring semester. We also sponsor other clubs/programs/individuals' events through grants (see our resource page for more information). 

Interested in coordinating an event? Go to our contact page and send us an email :)


Womyn's Herstory Month

Womyn's Herstory Month is happening now!  Womynb's Herstory Month is a month is which we honor all of the influential in our lives, both herstorically and personally.  There are a wide variety of events that are going on at this time.  The remaining events are as follows:

March 10th: Womyn in Gaming, Recreation & Wellness Lounge, 5 p.m. - 8 p.m.  An exploration of the representation of womyn in geek culture.  This event aims to provide extra tools to critically analyze alternative forms of media like video games whils still being able to enjoy them.  Interactive projects, board games, and the use of gaming consoles will be used as teaching tools.  Snacks will be provided!

March 25th:  Herstory Bingo Trivia Night, Vine Deloria Room (Balabanis House 55/MCC), 5 p.m. - 8 p.m.  A night of educational trivia and bingo that feature inspiring womyn.  Come learn and have fun while doing it!  Prizes will be given out!

March 26th:  Revisiting Black Feminism, Siemens Hall 116, 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.  A discussion based workshop aiming to provide an intersectional lens to deconstruct current societal expectations of black womyn by exploring black womyn scholars while examining the intersections of identity in the multple waves of the feminist movement.

Take Back the Night

Take Back the Night is happening in April!  This is an annual event hosted by the Women's Resource Center and is one of the WRC's longest running events.  This event is a night in which members of the community come together to challenge domestic partner violence, intimate partner violence, and the other forms of violence that effect us all, but disproportionately women.  We come together to fight these and the notions that women should take precautions to prevent these forms of violence happening against them, instead by arguing that we should be challenging the systems in place that perpetuate these forms of violence.

There will be many workshops/events throughout Take Back the Night and they will be posted as they are confirmed.  The current events are as follows:

April 9th: Sister Spit! is going to be coming to Humboldt!  The time and room are not confirmed yet but they are so revisit us frequently for updates!

April 10th:  This is the main day of Take Back the Night!  On this day we will be having the Clothesline Project, Silent Witness Project, the Rally, the Speakout, and the March.
-Clothesline Project:  The Clothesline Project involves the hanging of t-shirts in the quad.  These t-shirts are either written by survivors of by someone in honor of an individual who was lost to the multiple forms of violence that plague our communities.  This event can be triggering for some individuals so please be sure to take care of yourself if you do find yourself triggered by these shirts.
-Silent Witness Project:  The Silent Witness Project is a display of silhouettes of individuals.  These silhouettes are of people who have been lost due to domestic violence or intimate partner violence.  The stories of these silhouettes are shared by the family of the individual lost.  They vary in detail, with some telling much about the person's life and what they had done while others may say very little.  This event may be triggering as well so we recommend being as emotionally prepared as possible before reading these and be prepared to take care of yourself or reach out to someone.
-Rally:  The Rally is a time for everyone to come together.  It allows for both the people attending Take Back the Night and the resources available to individuals to be centralized in one location.  By doing this, individuals can see the resources around them that they can access, whether due to interest or of need.
-Speakout:  Following the Rally is the Speakout.  The speakout provides a space for individuals to talk of the experiences that they have had involving domestec violence, intimate partner violence, or any of the forms of violence that plagues every community.  By creating an atmosphere of understanding, listening, and validation, we make it so that those who speak feel accepted and welcomed, thus assisting in their healing from their experiences.
-March:  The last major event of the night is the March.  During the march, individuals organize and march throughout Arcata to challenge and demand an end to these forms of violence.  There are march monitors to help organize the march and ensure the safety of all who participate.

If you have any questions about these events, please either email us at hsuwomen@humboldt.edu or call us at (707) 826- 4216.