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Time Sunday, July 30 Monday, July 31 Tuesday,Aug. 1 Wednesday, Aug. 2 Thursday, Aug. 3 Friday, Aug. 4
8:30 a.m.

Welcome, introductions, and motivational examples (VG; SR)
Lecture: Design concepts (Ch. 7; VG)
Work on Project 1 Pattern-oriented modeling example: The Jamaica coffee farm model (SR)
Work on Project 2
9:30 a.m.

Lecture: What are models, IBMs, ABMs; and why do we use them? (Ch. 1; VG)
Group exercise: Emergence, simulation experiments, and BehaviorSpace (Ch. 8; VG) Lecture: Independent testing of submodels (Sect. 12.3; SR) Work on Project 2 (continued)
10:30 a.m.

Group exercise- Introduction to NetLogo (Ch. 2; VG)
Lecture and group exercise: Sensing; NetLogo variables (Ch 10, Sect. 10.2, Ex. 10-1; SL) Work on Project 1 (continued) (continued)
12 p.m.

Lunch (catered; discussion opportunity)
Lunch and discussion
Lunch and discussion Lunch and discussion Lunch and discussion
1 p.m.

Group exercise- Programming a first NetLogo model (Ch. 4; SR) Lecture- Software testing (Ch. 9; SR)
Presentations of Project 1
Lecture: Analyzing and doing science with IBMs -- how to get that Nobel Prize (VG) Project presentations and feedback
2 p.m.

Software testing exercise
Guest lecture and discussion: Empirical science and individual-based modeling: how do they affect each other? (B. C. Harvey, Redwood Sciences Lab, US Forest Service) Work on Project 2 (continued)
3 p.m.

Group exercise: From animations to science (Ch. 5; SR) (continued) Lectures: Stochasticity and random number generation (Ch. 15; SR)
Collectives and NetLogo Breeds (Ch. 16; SL)
(continued) (continued)
4 p.m.

(continued) Lecture: Adaptive behavior and objectives  (Ch. 11; SR)
Exercise: AgentSets and subsetting (Sect. 11.2.1; Ex. 11-1: SL)
Lecture: Pattern-Oriented Modeling--The Way to do agent-based science (VG)
Grand finale- NetLogo gadgets; how to keep your momentum up; course feedback
4:30 p.m.

The ODD Protocol- Why and how (Ch. 3; VG)
Introduction to Project 1: Business Investor & Telemarketer models (Ex. 10-3 & 13-1, 2; SR)
Introduction to Project 2: Wild Dog & Woodhoopoe models (Ex.13-3, 4 & 19-2; SR) Discussion- Effective learning of software development (SL)
Welcome Social:
6-9 p.m. 231 13th St.
Download MAP (PDF: Requires Reader)
Redwood forest stroll (~1 mile walk through the redwood forest adjacent to campus), immediately after class
Project work (independent)
Baseball at the Arcata Ballpark: Humboldt Crabs vs. S.F. Seals (7 p.m.)
Class repast: 6:30 p.m. Plaza View Room, Jacoby Storehouse, on the plaza in downtown Arcata