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January 15, 2015

Institute for student success

Photo of keynote speaker, Dr. Christy PriceOur Keynote Speaker was
Dr. Christy T. Price

Dalton State University

Why Don’t My Students Think I’m Groovy? The New “Rs” for Engaging Millennial Learners

What influences modern students’ motivation and desire to learn? During this participatory workshop, we will discuss the characteristics of Millennials’ ideal learning environments, their preferences regarding assessments, and their ideal institutional practices, including the critical roles that staff play in supporting students. Interactive conversations and activities will enable staff and faculty to reflect on their own practices and develop concrete steps for creating campus environments that support the success of Millennial learners.

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As usual, the Institute will also feature a selection of dynamic workshops, drawings, & networking opportunities.


The goal of the Institute for Student Success is to provide staff, faculty, and administrators with information, resources, and strategies useful in supporting a variety of student learning needs and enhancing the success of students from diverse backgrounds. The Institute includes a range of workshops focusing on various topics, from creating inclusive campus environments to effective pedagogy.

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We look forward to working with everyone throughout the year to support the strategies that participants found most interesting and useful.