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Dr. Kathleen F. Gabriel

Author of Teaching Unprepared Students.

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    Dr. Kathleen Gabriel began her career in the educational field right out of college, accepting a secondary teaching position as a high school Social Science teacher. Not long after that, she started working with students with learning disabilities. During her 16 years of high school teaching, she was also an advisor to several student organizations, selected as a mentor teacher for her district, and received the "Teacher of the Year" award.

    Gabriel earned her doctoral degree at the University of Kansas, where she developed an academic support program for at-risk college students. She also implemented the same support program at the University of Arizona. After much success, she became a Faculty/TA Development Specialist at the University of Arizona where she created and facilitated workshops for faculty and teaching assistants.

    Currently, Gabriel is an assistant professor at California State Univeristy, Chico in the Professional Studies in Education Department.

    Gabriel lives in Northern California with her husband, Michael. They have three children.