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Book Circle Books Book titled "Why Aren't We There Yet" Book titled, "Generation on a Tightrope". Book titled "Learning Centered Teaching". Spring 2013 Book Circles

In order to extend and enrich campus conversations about meeting our students’ needs, the Institute for Student Success – in collaboration with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion – is offering HSU staff, faculty, and administrators the opportunity to engage in one of three book circles this semester.


Open to all HSU staff, faculty, and administrators. Facilitated by HSU staff, faculty, and administrators.


Lunchtime meetings, from February-April (dates and times vary with each book)

About the $100 honorarium

Focusing on:

Effective Pedagogy * Inclusive Communities * Student Success


Choose from the following book circles:

Why Aren't We There Yet? Taking Personal Responsibility for Creating an Inclusive Campus

Edited by Jan Arminio, Vasti Torres, and Raechele L. Pope

Whistling Vivaldi Book Cover

Through a series of contributions from faculty members and student affairs professionals, this book explores how and why the many complexities involved in creating welcoming campus environments too often hinder this important work. Using the book as a springboard, this book circle will review many of the key components of an inclusive campus climate, offer insights on historical and institutional contexts, and provide a forum for discussing new strategies to engage the broader campus community in creating welcoming campus environments for all students.

Facilitated by Jacque Honda, Institutional Research and Planning

Generation on a Tightrope: A Portrait of Today’s College Student

by Arthur Levine and Diane R. Dean


Based on research with 5,000 individuals from 270 diverse college campuses, this book explores factors that have shaped today’s undergraduate students, making the case that today’s students may need a different kind of education than the generations who came before them. Whether you interact with students as a faculty or staff member, you’ll benefit from this book’s insight on the unique strengths, aspirations, values, beliefs, social lives, and politics of college students today. Book circles will bring together colleagues from across campus to discuss these factors, and to develop and trade strategies for supporting the success of this next generation.

Facilitated by Tomás Aguirre, Student Affairs

Learner Centered Teaching: Putting the Research on Learning into Practice

by Terry Doyle


Book Cover of The First Generation Student Experience

Drawing from current research in neuroscience, biology, and cognitive psychology, this book makes a compelling case for learner-centered teaching as the best means for optimizing student learning. According to author Terry Doyle, many faculty are much closer to being learner-centered teachers than they think, but do not always have the thorough conceptual understanding of the process that would enable them to capitalize on its full potential. By providing real-world examples and proven approaches on a range of topics – including transitioning from lecturer to facilitator, motivating students to do the work, and designing authentic evaluation strategies – this book circle will support faculty who are interested in making a shift toward learner-centered teaching.

Facilitated by Emiliano Ayala, College of Professional Studies


How do I sign up?

Registration is closed for all book circles. If you are interested in signing up for future book circles, please look for announcements through University Notices.


In recognition of the impact these topics have on the capacity of HSU staff and faculty to best serve our students, a $100 honorarium will be offered to all who participate fully in each book circle. In addition, each participant will receive their own copy of the book. Given that our budget for this popular project is limited, we also offer participants the option to forego this honorarium in order to allow more colleagues the opportunity to participate.


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