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Fall 2012 Workshops


Dr. Kimberly Tanner

Cultural Competency in the Classroom - Cross-Disciplinary Tools, Insights and Strategies to Promote Student Success

George Kuh

Associate Professor of Biology, San Francisco State University Kimberly Tanner directs the research group SEPAL: the Science Education Partnership and Assessment Laboratory. SEPAL seeks to know how people learn science, especially biology, and how teachers and scientists can collaborate to make science teaching and learning in classrooms -- Kindergarten through college -- more like how scientists work.

Workshop Materials:

Two 45-minute breakout sessions addressing a range of topics (led by HSU faculty and staff):

Just-In-Time Teaching
Mark Hemphill-Haley (Geology) & Brandon Schwab (Geology)

Just-in-Time Teaching (JiTT) – an innovative technique that uses brief web-based questions, answered by students in or out of class – helps instructors progressively gauge student understanding and identify learning gaps, which can then be addressed through in-class exercises. Join faculty members as they share their experiences using JiTT, and discuss how this cross-disciplinary strategy can apply in your classroom.

Alleviating Stereotype Threat in Classrooms – A Follow-up to Claude Steele’s May 2012 Keynote
Eileen Cashman (Environmental Resources Engineering) & Beth Eschenbach (Environmental Resources Engineering)

Learn and practice using simple in- and out-of-classroom strategies that can reduce the impact of stereotype threat – the concept that stereotypes, or the fear of confirming them, can profoundly impact academic performance.

Link to presentation, "Stereotype Threat: the Nature and Nurture of Intelligence," by Dr. Joshua Aronson, New York University.

Interrupting Offensive Behavior in the Workplace
Eliot Altschul, Counseling & Psychological Services

Verbal and behavioral insults, whether intentional and unintentional, happen in most workplaces, and can be both challenging and frightening to address. In this workshop, participants will learn and practice using simple, effective and appropriate communication techniques to respond to inappropriate and potentially offensive behavior in the workplace.

Promoting & Enhancing Student Research at HSU: What More Can We Do?
Matt Johnson (Wildlife Management) & Rhea Williamson (Office of Research)

Join members of HSU’s new, cross-campus “Student Research Task Force” for a ‘world-café-style’ discussion addressing a range of topics, including: research opportunities for undergraduate HSU students and grant opportunities for faculty; unique approaches for promoting and celebrating student researchers; available institutional support for tracking evaluation and assessment data; and possible models for developing an HSU student research center/institute.

Using Online Library Tools to Engage Students
Jeremy Shellhase (University Library)

Strengthen your students’ bibliographic management capabilities with ProQuest’s “My Research” feature. Participants will practice techniques for successful searches, article tags, resource sharing and project management to promote more effective database research.

Facilitating Difficult Dialogues in the Classroom
Tasha Souza, Communication

What are the best ways to transform a tense or challenging classroom moment into a positive learning experience for all? This workshop will discuss strategies for facilitating difficult conversations in the classroom context.  We will examine and practice techniques one can use prior to, during, and after difficult dialogues.

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