Institute for Student Success

Spring 2014 Workshops

January 16, 2014

Keynote: Thomas Brown

From 9am-11am in the Kate Buchanan Room

Tom Brown"S" and "F" logo indicate workshops will be of interest to both staff and faculty.Pathways to Persistence:
How & Why YOU Matter to Student Success

Join Thomas Brown - nationally recognized expert on student success, academic advising, professional development, and supporting underrepresented students - for this strategy-based workshop focused on tools we can all use to support our students. Designed for both staff and faculty, this session will use interactive, audience-based methods to identify the reasons students leave college, challenge common myths/misconceptions about attrition, and offer evidence suggesting that what happens to students after they enroll is often more important than their pre-enrollment attributes and experiences.

Presentation Materials and Resources

Keynote Workshop: Pathways to Persistence

Afternoon Workshop 1: Reframing At Risk to High Potential

Afternoon Workshop 2: Understanding Racial Identity Development


Everyone is welcome to participate in any workshop.

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"S" and "F" logo indicate workshops will be of interest to both staff and faculty. Workshops with both icons will be of interest to both staff and faculty.


1:15 - 2:45 Workshop Breakout Session 1
"S" and "F" logo indicate workshops will be of interest to both staff and faculty. Reframing: "At-Risk" to "High-Potential": Supporting Student Achievement and Success

Thomas Brown (keynote presenter)

Using an anti-deficit approach that views students as "high-potential" rather than "at-risk," this workshop will highlight theories of student learning and motivation, and provide strategies that can increase student engagement, achievement, and persistence. The workshop will focus on effective strategies for engaging specific populations of students, including first-generation students, first-year students, low-income students, and Hispanic/Latino students.

"S" and "F" logo indicate workshops will be of interest to both staff and faculty. Supporting HSU’s Student Veterans

Kim Hall (Veterans Enrollment and Transition Services) and Angela Rich (Retention and Inclusive Student Success)

Comprising a growing population at HSU, and at universities nationwide, military veterans bring diverse experiences and strengths - and sometimes unique support needs - to our campus community. This workshop will develop participants’ understanding of how military service affects the university experience for veterans, and provide strategies for supporting them.

"F" logo, indicating Faculty Using a Blog-Based Environment to Support a Community of Learners

Morgan Barker (eLearning), Daniel Fiore (eLearning), and the Child Development Team

Explore a multi-site blog that supports a community of student learners across an entire program at HSU. HSU’s Child Development Team will demonstrate how their students and faculty benefit from a blog-based community designed to facilitate collaboration and connection across a cohort of learners. Learn how student creation of individualized portfolios can support students as they embark on their careers after college. Using a sample, interactive blog, participants will generate an action plan for creating their own blog-based learning community in their department.

"S" and "F" logo indicate workshops will be of interest to both staff and faculty. My Hidden Strength: Fostering Resilience and Success for Non-Privileged Students

Vincent Feliz (Student Affairs)

Many of our most successful students at HSU have overcome enormous obstacles to be here. What helps students from “non-privileged” backgrounds to be resilient and successful, even in the face of great challenges? Drawing on the facilitator’s own research with Indigenous communities, as well as his experience supporting HSU students who are former foster youth, this workshop will offer participants a new perspective on “protective factors” - such as relationships with family, interactions with mentors, and connections with traditional culture - that help students succeed. Participants will hone their ‘interview’ skills and questioning techniques, which will enable them to help students identify, and draw strength from, protective factors in their own lives.

"F" logo, indicating Faculty Building Community and Motivation Using Social Media Tools

Deidre Pike (Journalism)

Building community is at the heart of every classroom. Come explore various ways to create community and motivate students using social media tools such as blogs, FaceBook, and more.  Participants will learn new ways to engage students in discussions, share tools they have used, and develop a new set of ideas to implement in their own online and face-to-face classrooms.

"S" and "F" logo indicate workshops will be of interest to both staff and faculty. Sustainability and Diversity: Blending Shared Goals to Promote an Inclusive Campus

J. Mark Baker (Politics), TallChief Comet (Facilities Management), Kevin Fingerman (Environmental Science & Management), Kate Lancaster (School of Business), John Meyer (Politics) and Sarah Ray (Environmental Studies)

Sustainability and diversity form the foundation for HSU’s vision and priorities for the next several years. But how do these two distinct areas intersect and overlap, and how can they build on each other to promote a campus that is both more sustainable and more inclusive? Through collaborative activities and small group discussion, this workshop will explore the intersection of sustainability and inclusive communities, offering strategies for engaging students by integrating sustainability and diversity topics in programs and classrooms across campus.
3:00 - 4:30 Workshop Breakout Session 2

"S" and "F" logo indicate workshops will be of interest to both staff and faculty. Understanding and Applying Racial Identity Development Theory as a Critical Skill for Educators Serving Students of Color

Thomas Brown (keynote presenter)

This presentation considers how students’ identity development manifests itself in our work to support them, whether as faculty advisors or student support staff. It will demonstrate how understanding racial identity development can enable advisors and educators to interact and intervene more effectively in support (both academic and social) of Students of Color.

"F" logo, indicating Faculty Using Web-Based Activities
to Enhance Classroom-Based Courses

Aaron Hohl (Forestry) and Jayne McGuire (Recreation Administration)

This workshop will explore a variety of ways for using web-based activities such as online debates and questionnaires to engage students. Through interactive activities and small-group discussions, participants will tap into colleagues’ expertise and design a web-based activity tailored to a course they teach. We will also discuss barriers and potential solutions for integrating web-based activities in your courses.

"S" and "F" logo indicate workshops will be of interest to both staff and faculty. Improv and Pedagogy:
Strategies to Promote Learning and Community

Marianne Ahokas (English), Everardo Cuevas (HSU student), David Stacey (English)

By using “serious play” to promote collaborative inquiry, candid conversation, and quick thinking, improvisation can foster community and develop student agency. Participants will learn and practice improv exercises, reflect on their usefulness and application in a variety of settings, and walk away with new methods for advancing critical thinking skills while supporting student engagement and interaction. Appropriate f or all staff and faculty interested in and working towards building community among students, in and outside of the classroom.   

"F" logo, indicating Faculty Cooperative Learning: Using the Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique (IF-AT)

Melanie Michalak (Geology)

Focusing on a specific strategy described briefly by Dr. Eric Mazur at last August’s Institute for Student Success, this workshop will explore a variety of ways to support collaborative, active learning in the classroom using the IF-AT (Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique), which facilitates student learning and motivation with immediate, corrective feedback on collaborative exams. Participants will discuss the benefits and challenges of using the IF-AT in the classroom, as well as develop multiple approaches to using the IF-AT to support student engagement and learning.

"S" and "F" logo indicate workshops will be of interest to both staff and faculty. Supporting Student Survivors of Sexual Violence

Kim Berry (CRGS), Paula Arrowsmith Jones  (North Coast Rape Crisis Team), Randi Darnall Burke (Dean of Students), Maxwell Schnurer (Communications)

New CSU policies require staff and faculty to formally report incidents of sexual violence. But how can we fulfill our legal obligations while still providing student  survivors of sexual violence with the support they need? Using a “survivor-centered” framework, scenarios, and discussion, this workshop will give participants the opportunity to practice the skills they need to fulfill their responsibility to the University while also supporting and responding to student needs.

"F" logo, indicating Faculty The ‘Clip-On’ Career Workshop:
Integrating Career Advice into Course Planning

Loren Collins (Career Center) and Alison Holmes (International Studies)

Research has established a clear link between students with career targets and academic motivation and performance. In this discussion-based session, participants will learn about existing campus career resources, explore elements of a ‘career wandering map’ exercise, and identify ways to incorporate career planning in their courses. Workshop is appropriate for those interested in learning more about integrating career planning in courses, as well as for those who are already developing or using in-class career activities.

4:30 - 6:00 Happy Hour and Social Mixer in the KBR      

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