Student Ambassadors Program

 Student Ambassadors Program

The Student Ambassadors Program is a recently established opportunity for HSU students to gain valuable experience in international programs. The program consists of a volunteer group of outstanding student leaders who are available to assist the Center for International Programs with activities, events and orientations for international students. 

CIP Student Ambassadors provide outreach to new international students and help make their transition and experience at the University as comfortable as possible. These student leaders are available year-round to the international student community. Ambassadors participate in a variety of tasks which foster a sense of support and encouragement to newly arrived international students who will enroll in either HSU classes or the ESL Program at the International English Language Institute (IELI). 

If you would like to become a Student Ambassador, you will be considered a volunteer. In return for your volunteer services, you will be able to use the program leader as a professional reference, the program leader will provide you with a letter of recommendation, and you will be able to attend CIP activities for free! 


Examples of Student Ambassador Tasks 
  • Leading campus/community tours
  • Helping out with activities and events 
  • Participating in new student orientations
  • Greeting/picking-up new arrivals at the airport
  • Helping new students settle into housing and familiarizing them with local amenities

The Student Ambassador position holds a lot of responsibility and is coordinated through the CIP.  This position is available for both international (including IELI) and domestic students.  


 Student Ambassadors Requirements 
  1. Must be a full-time and have attended HSU for at least one semester
  2. Must demonstrate interest in intercultural issues
  3. Must comfortable communicating with students with limited English language skills
  4. Must be willing to attend a program meeting before orientation (~6x/year)
  5. Must volunteer at least 10 hours of service per semester
  6. Must assist with at least 2 activities or events per semester 


Benefits of Being a Student Ambassador

 Professional Development

Those who participate in the program will have the opportunity to develop their leadership and intercultural communication skills, which are beneficial in preparation for future careers. The International Education Week (IEW) and the International Cultural Festival (ICF) are two great examples of opportunities for intercultural experience as a Student Ambassador. 

Learn New Skills

The program allows students to build skills they will need to succeed in their future careers. Student Ambassadors will develop public speaking skills when communicating with new students and to large groups. By helping to plan and participate in activities and events, Ambassadors also have the opportunity to learn organizational and interpersonal skills. 

BOOST Your Résumé!

Student Ambassadors can include all of the volunteer work they’ve done for the CIP in their résumé. In addition, any Student Ambassador can use the program leader (or another willing CIP staff) as a professional reference for any future employment.  The program leader will also write a letter of recommendation for any Student Ambassador who has completed their volunteer requirements. 

Meet New People

The Student Ambassador Program is a great way to meet new people and get involved in campus life. Also, being a Student Ambassador for CIP is a great way to network and make international connections around the world through the students you meet.  


 How to Become a University Ambassador

The CIP Student Ambassadors Program is always accepting applications! Students from all majors and departments are encouraged to apply. Once accepted into the program, new Student Ambassadors will complete an online training module.  Students can apply online at the Center for International Programs website.  

Fill out the application! (If possible, include your résumé and/or letter of interest)

You can also fill out a PDF version (make sure you have the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat installed) and send your documents to:

Email: international [at] humboldt [dot] edu
Phone: (707) 826-4142
Center for International Programs
Feuerwerker House 13 

If applicable, please include the following information in your résumé and/or letter of interest: 

  1. Any history of previous volunteer work, international experience, involvement in HSU activities or on-campus clubs (when, where, and for how long) and other interests and/or hobbies. 

Once your application has been reviewed, you will receive an email invitation to complete the online training module.  The training takes about an hour.  You will also need to fill out and submit a Volunteer Form.

 Thank you for your interest!