Semester at Humboldt

 Semester at Humboldt Partners Program

Student from partner institutions where HSU cannot accept exchange students at this time may study at Humboldt State University through the Semester at Humboldt Program (SHP) at the reduced rate of $4,500/semester. The application fee is also waived. Students need approval from the home university prior to applying.  If your university does not have an agreement with HSU, you can study with us for a semester (or year) through the HSU Study California Program.

Application Process
  • Application: When you have been admitted to Humboldt State University (HSU) you will be sent a DS2019 and a letter of admission. These documents, and financial documentation, must be presented to the US Consulate or Embassy during the interview for the visa. You need to keep copies of all documents submitted.
  • Transcripts students do not have to send official transcripts to HSU with their application. However you are advised to bring your unofficial transcripts with you to show which classes you have completed if you wish to enroll in an HSU class that has a required pre-requisite. You will not usually be allowed to enroll in classes with pre-requisites without proof of completion of the pre-requisite class or classes. 
  • English language capabilities: These need to be verified by faculty in the English department of the partner institution. The verification will be in the form of a document, or in a letter, which clearly states that you are capable of participating in an academic program taught in English. This letter must be included with your application. You do not have to provide this letter if you are from a country where English is the official language.  
  • Certification of Financial Support: You must provide documentation showing you or your sponsor have sufficient funds to support you while you at HSU. This can be in the form of a letter from your bank or your sponsor's bank, in English, the minimum amount available for the time you are at HSU. The cost of studying as an Semester at Humboldt student at HSU may be found here.

All documentation must be legible and dated no earlier than a month prior to the time of submission. Scanned and faxed documents are acceptable. HSU will request original financial documents if the scanned or faxed copies are not legible or if their authenticity is questionable. 

  • Health Insurance: All exchange students are enrolled in California State University (CSU) Healthlink program and are charged a fee each semester.

Deadlines and Dates
Term you wish to begin Apply by
Fall (August - December) May 1
Spring (January - May) October 1


Helpful Links

Housing and Dining

There are several housing options for international students. Residence halls are available on campus as well as apartments in close proximity to campus. To learn more about residence halls, please visit HSU's Housing and Dining Services website. For information about off campus housing, visit their website, here.

Dining Information

There are five main dining options on campus: