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Telephone: +1 (707) 826-4142
Fax: +1 (707) 826-3939
Email: international [at] humboldt [dot] edu
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Center for International Programs Staff 

 Herrick, Joel  3788 jch594 [at] humboldt [dot] edu ( jch594) International Admissions, Immigration, and Study Abroad Coordinator
 Khoupradit, Daeng  3786 daeng [at] humboldt [dot] edu ( daeng)  International Marketing & Recruitment Coordinator
 Kirsch, Emily  3781 emily [at] humboldt [dot] edu ( emily) International Marketing & Recruitment Coordinator
 Mefford, Megan  3784 mefford [at] humboldt [dot] edu ( mefford)  International Admissions & Immigration Coordinator
 Shaw, Penelope  3942 pjs25 [at] humboldt [dot] edu ( pjs25)  Study Abroad Advisor
 Soderfelt, Jenn  3787 jlw30 [at] humboldt [dot] edu ( jlw30)  Office Manager


International English Language Institute (IELI) Staff

 Bradbury, Tyler  3712 trb59 [at] humboldt [dot] edu ( trb59)  IELI  Fewrker 002A  Coordinator
 Caria, Alice  3555  mk87 [at] humboldt [dot] edu (mk87)  IELI  Fewrker 002A  Activities Assistant


How to Find Us

The Center for International Programs is located in the Feuerwerker House (House 13), between Mill Street and LK Wood, near Library Circle.

Center for International Programs
Humboldt State University
1 Harpst Street.
Arcata, CA, 95521-8299 U.S.A.

Telephone: +1 (707) 826-4142
Fax: +1 (707) 826-3939