Review the information below to learn about employment opportunities and regulations for international students at HSU.  You can also visit the Academic & Career Advising Center for resume and cover letter help, and to search for jobs on campus and in the local area. 

F-1 Employment

Students with valid F-1 status can be employed on-campus at the University for up to 20 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters. Students may work full time while HSU is not in session (summer and winter break).

F-1 students may not provide goods or services beyond the boundaries of on-campus employment (off-campus or self employment) without permission from the Center for International Programs (CIP) and, in most instances, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). If there is any question about whether or not a particular endeavor qualifies as employment, students should consult their international student advisor. Note that some unpaid work may also be unlawful employment.

Students wishing to engage in employment off-campus may be eligible for "practical training." In most cases, students are not eligible for any type of practical training until completion of one full academic year (two semesters).

There are two types of practical training employment authorization: optional and curricular.

Additionally, you may be eligible for employment authorization based on severe economic hardship (proof of hardship is required) or by working for a specific type of international organization.

J-1 Employment

J-1 Student Employment

J-1 students may engage in any employment specifically listed on Form DS-2019 as part of their program. For all other employment, the Center for International Programs (CIP) authorization is required.

On-Campus Employment

J-1 students are eligible for on-grounds employment at Humboldt State University for up to 20 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters and full-time during breaks with CIP approval. Graduate teaching assistantships and graduate research assistantships are considered to be 20 hours per week. J-1 students must bring a completed On-Campus Employment Form to the CIP before engaging in any on-campus employment.

Academic Training

J-1 students may be approved to engage in academic training outside the University. Academic training is employment directly related to a J-1 student's major field of study and may be used during the semester, during breaks in the academic year or directly following the completion of studies. Generally, the length of this training, in total, may not exceed 18 months or the length of the program, whichever is shorter.

Throughout the period of academic training a J-1 student's DS-2019 must remain valid, and the J-1 student and any J-2 dependents must maintain adequate health insurance. J-1 students who have completed their studies must continue to maintain health insurance that meets the standards for J-1 scholars and exchange students.

J-1 students wishing to apply for academic training must* bring the following to the CIP during office hours:

*J-1 students may not engage in academic training before CIP approval.

J-1 students who carry a DS-2019 that was not issued by Humboldt State University should contact their program sponsor regarding any employment.

J-1 Scholar Employment

A J-1 scholar should contact the Academic Affairs Office or Office of the Provost if he or she plans to engage in any employment activity outside the confines of his or her J-1 program at Humboldt State University.