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International English Language Institute Application
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Postal/Zip Code

Street or physical address. All F-1 Visa holders must give the address where they permanently live (business or P.O. Box addresses are not allowed).


Please enter your postal (zip) code.

Please provide your country code and phone number.


Note: You will need to show additional funds of at least US $5,000.00 for the first dependent and US $2,000.00 for each additional dependent. If your dependents are outside the U.S., your dependents will need to apply for an F-2 visa. If you have more than 3 dependents, please send us the information by e-mail or mail.

Dependent #1 Information
Dependent #2 Information
Dependent #3 Information

Please list what major you're interested in applying for. Note that applicants may only apply for conditional admission into undergraduate (bachelor degree) programs and the MBA.

Please list all of the high schools (secondary schools) and universities you've attended.

Session applying for. Please visit our website to view current session dates.

Students must apply for housing at least 30 days before arriving to receive housing assistance.

If you heard about us from a friend, what is their name?

If you heard about us from a student, what is their name?

If you heard about us from a website, what is the name of the site?

If you were referred by an agency, please list agent or agency name

If other, please specify.

Please take the Cambridge Placement Test and report your score here.


The Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS) requires that all F-1 (student-visa) students show proof that they are financially able to pay for all academic, living, and personal expenses during their entire studies in the United States. Therefore, applicants must send one or more of the following documents: letter from a bank or financial institution, or a monthly bank statement that meets or exceeds the financial requirement amount (please see "Costs" on our website for current amount).

Certification of Finances

Please complete this form and upload it at the bottom of the page.

Visa Information
Transfer Form

Please complete the Transfer Form and upload it at the bottom of the page. Also upload:

• Your current I-20
• A copy of the visa in your passport
• A copy of your I-94

Transfer Information (F-1 Students Only)

Please provide information about your current school.


Last (Family), First (Given), Middle


I certify that I have read all the information about admission and the information I am providing in the application is true. I understand that admission to this institute is subject to payment of all fees and tuition.

Pay the $55.00 application fee.

Pay the $55.00 application fee here (opens in a new window). Send a copy of the receipt to

Submit your certification of financial support. Download here.

Submit your Bank Statement.

Submit a copy of your passport.

Upload your dependent passport copies here.

If you are applying for conditional admission, upload your transcripts here.

Upload additional transcript or academic documentation here.

Other academic documents.

Other academic documents.

Please upload the Transfer Form here.

Submit your current I-20 here.

Submit a copy of your current visa.

Submit a copy of your I-94.