Cost of Application to the Program

A $55.00 Application Fee will be due at the time of application.  This fee must be paid before an I-20 is generated.

Cost of Attending the IELI

This estimate will vary somewhat, depending on the student's choice of housing, recreation, out-of-town trips, and purchases. 

IELI is changing to a 16 week semester program with a 10 week intensive summer program. Tuition costs are changing in Summer 2018. Please refer to the table below for the changes.

Estimate of Expenses per Session 

Spring 2018 Tuition Fee (8 weeks) $2,320.00
Summer Tuition Fee (10 weeks) $2,900.00
Fall 2018 Tuition Fee (16 weeks) $4,640.00
Fall 2018 Mid-entry Tuition Fee (8 weeks) $2,320.00
Health Insurance Fee** $200.00
Student Body Fee† $205.00
ITEP Fee $40.00
Estimated Costs
Estimated Room & Board** $1,920.00
Books & Materials $250.00
Miscellaneous expenses $400.00
Total Estimate $5,335.00

You may extend your stay and take as many sessions as you need to complete the program.  We highly recommend taking at least two sessions of study to see significant improvement in your English.


Cost of Level 6 (one semester)

Tuition for the Level 6 is $5,500.00 and includes two semesters at IELI as well as a semester-long HSU course.

Fees One semester (16 weeks)
Tuition Fee $5,500.00
Health Insurance Fee** $350.00
ITEP Fee $80.00
Student Body Fee † $374.00
Estimated Room & Board** $2,820.00
Books & Materials $250.00
Miscellaneous expenses $500.00
Total Estimate $9,874.00


**These are "Estimates" based upon current health insurance rates and the current cost of a homestay for 8 weeks.  Other housing and dining options chosen or needed by the student will yield varying costs.  These options include students coming with spouses, chaperones and children and students choosing to live in single or shared apartments with grocery, utilities and families requiring child care. Recreation, dining in restaurants, lifestyle, trips and tourism will affect a student's total costs.  Please visit our Housing website for more information.

 †The Student Body Fee is mandatory and offers student ID card, Jack Pass (unlimited bus rides on the Arcata & Mad River Transit System and the Redwood Transit System), Student Recreation Center and Gym, entrance to HSU sponsored sporting events, Student Health Center, and Counseling and Psychological Services.

Refund Policy: No refunds will be given.