Center for International Programs


 All F-1 and J-1 students must pursue a full-time course of study unless otherwise specifically authorized by the Center for International Programs (CIP).  The CIP must be informed of and approve of any drop below full time. Full-time status for undergraduates is 12 credit hours per semester. Full-time status for graduate students is 9 credit hours per semester.

The CIP may authorize a student for part-time enrollment for the following reasons:

  • Initial difficulty with the English language (first or second academic semester only)
  • Initial difficulty with reading requirements (first or second academic semester only)
  • Unfamiliarity with American teaching methods (first or second academic semester only)
  • Improper course level placement
  • Fewer courses are needed to complete full course of study (only possible in final term)
  • Medical condition (must have doctor’s request/recommendation)

A note regarding online classes:

  • F-1 students are not permitted to take more than 3 credits of online classes toward their full course of study.
  • J-1 students are not permitted to take any online courses toward their full course of study.

See your academic adviser or major professor to plan your course schedule accordingly.

Please notify CIP before departing:

  • If you are going abroad on a study-abroad program.
  • If you are going to another school in the U.S. on the National Exchange Program.
  • If you are intending to research abroad to complete your thesis.
  • If you do not intend to return to school.


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