Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Humboldt State University and the state of California require international students and dependents holding nonimmigrant visas to purchase appropriate health insurance. All information regarding health insurance must be turned in to the Center for International Programs before the first day of classes.

You are required to purchase the California State University (CSU) Healthlink Insurance.

  • You are automatically charged for Healthlink when you register for classes. You will see Healthlink on your bill from HSU for each semester. You do not have to fill out any forms
  • If you have dependents then you need to inform CIP if you would like them enrolled in Healthlink
  • Find out the cost of Healthlink and details of coverage at CSU Healthlink

Option B: Purchase an Alternative Medical Insurance.
If you choose to purchase an alternative health insurance, you must:

  • Purchase health insurance that meets or exceeds Humboldt State University or Department of State insurance requirements (see below). 
  • Complete and sign page 1 of the International Student Health Insurance Compliance Form (read carefully). 
  • Have page 2 of the of the Student Health Insurance Compliance Form completed and signed by health insurance provider and bring a copy of health insurance card (front and back) to the International Programs Office before classes begin.

Please Note: You and your dependents are required to have health insurance the day you enter the U.S. (Healthlink covers up to 15 days before classes begin). Complete proof of required coverage is required before a waiver can be processed. If any of the required benefits are not covered under the medical insurance provided, your insurance will be considered inadequate and you will continue to be billed for Healthlink when you register for classes.