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Other Visa Statuses

Other Visa Statuses

Many students study at Humboldt State University in a qualifying derivative status that depends on the status of their spouse or parent. Note that individuals in certain statuses (such as F-2, B or M-2) are forbidden from engaging in any type of full-time study.

If you are residing in the U.S. in a derivative status, your spouse or parent must continue to maintain the conditions of his or her status (e.g., continue to work for his or her employer pursuant to all conditions of H-1B status).

Importantly, if your visa status is dependent upon a parent you will lose this status at the age of 21. The only exception to the above rule exists for individuals in A or G status who may remain in that status as long as they remain members of the A or G household.

All international students are required to attend a new international student orientation and are required to furnish the Center for International Programs (CIP) with documentation of valid status in the U.S. Any student who will become ineligible for a dependent status (such as H-4, F-2, or J-2 status) on his or her 21st birthday should contact the CIP at least six months before turning 21 years of age.

It is essential that you inform the CIP immediately whenever there is a change to your legal status in the United States, including changes of visa status, applications for Legal Permanent Residence (Green Card), and receipt of Legal Permanent Residence (Green Card). Failure to comply can have implications for insurance waivers, University fees, and other benefits, at the very least.

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