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Volunteer Opportunities

Whether or not your volunteer/community services is a program requirement from your sponsor,  home university, or you are looking to get involved and make new friends,  Humboldt State and the local  community has many opportunities to choose from. You can attend any of the events in the calendar or you can contact any of the organizations listed below.

• Campus Volunteer Opportunities 
Local Community Opportunities

Campus Volunteer Opportunities 

Y.E.S. Volunteer Opportunities Program
Location: Hagopian House (House 91)         
Phone: (707) 826-4965

Once a month volunteers can participate in an activity that typically takes place on a Saturday for several hours. Details and sign-up sheets for each month's activity are available at the Y.E.S. House.

HSU Children’s Center 
Location:  Jenson House (House 94)

Reading books, speaking and naming items with children ages 2-5 in your native language.

Campus Center for Appropriate Technology (CCAT) Volunteer Fridays
Location: Buck House (house 97)

 Want to learn more about sustainability? CCAT is always busy building new projects and maintaining existing ones.  Like to garden?  Do grounds keeping? Paint signs?  Work on Appropriate Tech projects?  And get a free lunch!

Local Community Opportunities

Potawot Community Food Garden
Address: Ribeiro Ln, Arcata, CA 95521
Phone: (707) 825-5000

The Potawot Community Food Garden offers educational opportunities through a series of workshops on nutrition, organic agriculture, and hands-on internships during the summer months.

Volunteering at the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary
Address: 736 F St, Arcata, CA 95521
Phone: Contact City of Arcata, Environmental Services Department  (707) 825 -2163

Outdoor volunteer work varies from non-native plant removal, tree planting, trash removal, and trail work. The City of Arcata will provide gloves, tools, snacks and beverages, and first aid kits to all volunteers. Also prior to working instructions are given on proper tool use and safety. Workdays are on various Saturdays throughout the year, typically running from 9 a.m. -1 p.m.

Garden Maintenance for Mad River Hospital
Phone: Contact Kay Sennott at (707) 822-7220 ext. 4133

Primarily looking for volunteers who are interested in getting their hands dirty on the farm; helping to plant, weed, water, compost, harvest, etc. If you aren't into getting dirty, we could also use help taking pictures of the farm, working on educational displays, selling produce at the farm stand, or any other ideas you have for what you want your farm to look like.

Produce Grown at the Mad River Hospital Farm is used to feed patients, staff and Adult Day Care, excess is donated to Food for People or sold to hospital staff at a discounted price.

 Arcata School District After School Program
Address: Sunset School site at 2400 Baldwin Ave. Arcata            
Phone: (707) 826-1915

Playing with children ages 5 thru 12. Help organize educational and recreational activities. Volunteers will be given a 10-20 minute general orientation. Volunteers will be able to attend any available staff training as well as build skills working with children.

Humboldt Crabs –Baseball Game Usher
Phone: 826-2333
Website:     or

Help out at the games as ushers for people who need assistance climbing the bleachers. Season Passes and “Crabs goodies” may be given to volunteers serving a reasonable amount of time.

Reading Service of the Redwoods
Address: 920 Samoa Blvd., Suite 214 Arcata, CA 95521    
Phone: (707) 496-0831

Volunteer Reader: Reads newspapers and other information “on the air” or in a recorded format for the benefit of the blind or visually impaired listeners. During week day mornings: 9:30am to 11:30 am or 8:30am to 11:30am. (Must have excellent English reading/speaking skills.)

Angels of Hope Thrift Shop
Where: 1309 10th St. Arcata             
Phone: (707) 822-5019

Clean items and decide if they are worth displaying for sale, Restock merchandise, Window display volunteer will be creating presentations in the windows of the shop.





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