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Shannon Edam, 2009

Shannon Edam, 2009 International Studies, is passionate about human rights, social justice, and international affairs. She graduated from American University’s School of International Service with a master’s degree in ethics, peace and global affairs in 2014, and earned a master’s in education from Lesley University in May 2016. She studied abroad in Belgium, Ghana, Cuba, and Mexico, focusing on international studies and human rights, then shifted her focus to ‘bringing human rights home’ by teaching in inner city schools for free in 2014. Edam currently serves individuals with mental illness and a history of chronic homelessness through her work at Pathways to Housing, DC.

Omar Alejandro Garcia, 2011

After working at Solar City, I am currently working in Taiwan as an English Teacher and preparing for an International Business Masters degree. I am still playing baseball and running my audio-blog about identity and cross-cultural interactions. I would like to thank Rosamel Benavides in the World Languages and Cultures Dept as well as the International Studies Dept for providing me a solid foundation to conquer career challenges, domestic and international.

Annathea Cook, 2013

Annathea Cook, 2013 International Studies, earned her master’s degree in International Trade Policy from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) and have recently begun a career as an International Trade Compliance Analyst with the International Trade Administration within the Department of Commerce. Cook writes, “It’s a strange time to move to DC, but it’s exciting to be working on such a hot topic that I’m passionate about. Everyday I’m using skills that I learned at HSU, particularly negotiation skills that I learned as a preschool teacher with the HSU Children’s Center. Can’t wait to visit my hometown of Arcata again soon. Stay weird Humboldt.”

Benjamin Ebert, 2003

Benjamin Ebert, 2003 International Studies, moved his office ot Eureka in 2014. Ebert owns an investment firm, Ebert Capital Management, and a software development company named Ravenlight Technologies, LLC.

Deborah Wynn (Graaff), 2013

Deborah Wynn (Graaff), 2013 International Studies, got married and started medical school with her partner. She is currently in her third year and is preparing for the first step of the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam before starting clinical rotations. 

Annathea Cook, 2013

Annathea Cook, 2013 International Studies, is pursuing her Masters in International Policy Studies, with a focus on U.S.-Chinese Trade Policy, at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, Calif. After an internship this summer with the Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration, Cook is looking forward to her last year at MIIS, her upcoming internship in China next summer, and jumping into the job market next August.

Jared Birnbaum, 2014

Jared Birnbaum, 2014 International Studies, is enrolled in a master’s program at Fresno State University. Birnbaum plans to finish with a master’s degree in Communication and Linguistics, and also be certified in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TEFL/TESOL).

Owen Jacob Krebs-Grimsich, 2013

Owen Jacob Krebs-Grimsich, 2013, International Studies, took his first International Studies class with Professor Suzanne Pasztor and was hooked right away. International Studies has enabled Krebs-Grimsich to travel and experience places in the world he would have never imagined. Krebs-Grimsich also became fluent in Spanish as part of the major’s foreign-language component. Krebs-Grimsich recently accepted an invitation from the Peace Corps to travel to Mozambique in 2014, where he will work on HIV Education/Prevention—an opportunity he credits to his experience in the International Studies program. 

Bridget McGraw, 2012

Bridget McGraw, 2012, International Studies, began at Internews Network, an international non-profit organization. At the organization’s headquarters in Arcata, McGraw is subgrant analyst focusing mostly on a new project promoting independent media in South Sudan. McGraw writes, “Every day at work I use the skills and experiences I gained at university.”

Gabriela Girona, 2010

Gabriela Girona, 2010, International Studies, reports that since studying abroad from ‘09-’10 and graduating life has been hectic and wonderful. Girona was accepted into the Syracuse University School of Law and, now that the state has legalized equal marriage rights, Girona is engaged to her partner of over two years. She will pursue her international passion in her second and third years at Syracuse University and hopes to earn two degrees (a Juris Doctor and a master’s in international relations) via the school’s dual-degree program. She also hopes to earn a certificate in post-conflict reconstruction through SU’s Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism.

Rebecca Sandler, 2006

REBECCA SANDLER, 2006, International Studies, (née Hyke), married the love of her life, Reuben Sandler, on June 10, 2013 at a sweet, intimate ceremony at her mother’s home on Lake Pleasant in Michigan. The love birds reside in Berkeley, Calif., with their incredible canine companion, Cinder. Reuben is director of mechanical engineering at an exoskeleton company, and Becca works as a doula,.

Benjamin Ebert, 2003

Benjamin Ebert, 2003 International Studies, is now married, a father of two and runs a local investment and tax firm, Ebert Capital Management, in Arcata. Ebert is also on the HSU Centennial Planning Committee, is working on a patent for a quantitative investment strategy, and periodically hires HSU interns.

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