Faculty and Staff

The International Studies Program is currently supported by a Program Leader and 2 staff. They provide infrastructure, ensure students are kept up to date and direct them to the resources to help navigate the Program and the University.

International Studies Majors also have unique access to faculty across the University as advisors and as instructors in both the Core and Concentration courses.

Program Leader

Image of Dr. Alison Holmes

Dr. Alison Holmes
Office: Founders Hall, Room 137
Phone: 707-826-4117
E-mail: alison.holmes@humboldt.edu

Program Staff

Linda Wilson
Administrative Support Coordinator
Office: Founders Hall, Room 180
Phone: 707-826-4493
Email: Linda.Wilson@humboldt.edu

Peggy Stewart
Administrative Support Assistant
Office: Founders Hall, Room 180
Phone: 707-826-4494
Email: Peggy.Stewart@humboldt.edu


Dr. Lilianet Brintrup
Department of World Languages and Cultures

Image of Robert Cliver

Dr. Robert Cliver
Department of History

Image of Matthew Dean

Dr. Matthew Dean
Department of World Languages and Cultures

Matthew Derrick

Dr. Matthew Derrick
Department of Geography

Image of Joseph Diéme

Dr. Joseph Diéme
Department of World Languages and Cultures

Image of Michael Eldridge

Dr. Michael Eldridge
Department of English

Image of Benjamin Marschke

Dr. Benjamin Marschke
Department of History

Image of Suzanne Pasztor

Dr. Suzanne Pasztor
Department of History

Mary Scoggin

Dr. Mary Scoggin
Department of Anthropology

Derek Shaw

Dr. Derek Shaw
Department of Politics

Image of Beth Wilson

Dr. Beth Wilson
Department of Economics

Image of Noah Zerbe

Dr. Noah Zerbe
Department of Politics

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