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We try to ensure all the information you need to make your way through the Program is readily available. The IS website and the HSU catalog are there because the first rule is: help yourself!

If you have questions or concerns, the International Studies staff, Program Leader and your advisor are all there to help guide you through the process.

Link to FAQ.

Top Tips and Rules

Don’t just declare IS as your major - also declare your Concentration. This will have a significant impact on coursework options and so doing this as soon as you can is important. Talk to your advisor.

Attend the required Study Abroad informational session ASAP - even if you plan to go later. It will help you and your advisor plan your HSU coursework, give you the best chance to find a less expensive option and apply for the maximum number of grants or scholarships.

You must return to campus for your final semester - you may not complete your degree then go abroad to finish.

All courses required for the major in residence at HSU must be completed with a minimum grade of C-.

IS students must maintain a 2.0 in major courses.

IS students must not take optional CR graded work within the minimum major requirements.

Major Planning Guide and Contracts

Due to the evolution of the International Studies Program, the number of links to Major guides and Contracts is relatively long. They are listed by what is known as a catalog year.

A student’s catalog year is generally based on the year they first enrolled at HSU. If you changed major, it is possible to use the year you transferred into a major as the catalog year. It is even possible to choose any year later than one of the above dates.

The general rule is that you cannot choose any previous year and this is simply because certain majors/requirements/courses are no long available and so they cannot be supported.

There is no ‘right’ time to start using this document as a planning tool and a checklist for your meetings with your adviser - early is always better!

As a guide, you should start a major contract/planning document in the spring of your sophomore year and get it on file - which means getting all the signatures and making sure it gets to the Registrar - early in your junior year. This usually takes place about the time you are planning your study abroad. Always keep a copy for your own files and ensure a copy is made for the International Studies Office records. These are a back-up in case anything ever gets lost!

As the International Studies Program underwent significant change in AY 2013-14, we advise you to choose a more recent catalog year if possible, but speak to your advisor.


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