HSU Historical Enrollment Data

Head Count (HC) and Full-time Equivalent Students (FTES) become official at census (4th week of a spring or fall term).
  • Headcount (HC) = Unduplicated number of students
  • Full-time Equivalent Students (FTES) = Every 12 units taken by students working on a master's degree or 15 units taken by all other students counts as one FTE. For more details about how FTES are calculated, see the document: Recalibrating FTES calculations
  • This dashboard was updated on 3/26/2014. Drill down to college, department, and major option were removed. A new dashboard will be posted soon to add back this functionality. E-mail MSL24@Humboldt.edu if you would like to be notified when the new dashboard is ready.

Enrollment History - Before 1991

Our current database only contains data back to Fall of 2000 and select data back to 1991. Visit our enrollment archive page for historical data and information.