Collegiate Learning Assessment Plus (CLA+)

CLA+ comprises both a performance task and a set of selected-response questions, with each student receiving both components of the assessment. The inclusion of different item formats not only allows for the assessment of a broad range of content and skills but it also affords the opportunity to obtain reliable results at both the institution and student levels. As in its former incarnation, CLA+ allows for an institution to compare its student learning results with the learning results at similarly selective institutions, and use that information to improve teaching and learning. Additionally, CLA+ results at the student level allow for a comparison of how well each individual performed relative to their peers at the same class level both within an institution and across CLA+. Unlike the CLA reports, the CLA+ reports will include data on each of the four standard college class levels, allowing schools to receive results for any class level they test, regardless of the window in which the assessment occurs.

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Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA)

Prior to Fall 2013, HSU adminstered the CLA in it's orginal form which had less utility and flexibility than the CLA+. In its original form, the utility of CLA was limited. Because the assessment consisted of just one or two responses from each student, reliable results were only available at the institutional level, and students’ results were not directly comparable. Likewise, reporting for CLA was restricted to the purposes of its value-added measure; institutions were not eligible for summary results unless they had tested specified class levels in the appropriate testing windows. Below is an archive of CLA reports and supporting documents.

Archived CLA Annual Reports

Supporting Documents

2012-2013 CLA Institutional Report Fall 2012-13 CLA Technical FAQs
2011-2012 CLA Institutional Report 2011/2012 CLA Technical FAQs
2010-2011 CLA Institutional Report 2010/2011 CLA Technical FAQs
2008-2009 CLA Institutional Report  
2007-2008 CLA Institutional Report 2007/2008 CLA Technical App.

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