R.A.C Meeting Notes

Notes for April 6, 2010

In attendance: Hillary Dashiell, Carol Terry, Brendan Brisker, Jordan Meyer, Gay Hylton, Holly Aitken, Ward Headstrom, John Filce, Liz Villareal, Mike Bradley, Jacque Nagatsuka

  1. Cabinet for Institutional Change Update- Reviewed the charge for developing the RAC. The Cabinet for Institutional Change (CIC) states that the Office of Institutional Research and Planning will “communicate with and coordinate efforts among existing data sources and analysts across campus.” We feel that the RAC fulfills this charge and serves a purpose to create discussion among the data people on campus by giving members direction to access data that everyone needs for reporting purposes. The members are key data people from all constituent groups on campus.
  2. K Box for data requests – There has been a discussion to centralize data requests on campus using “K box” and “Droople”. This would work by implementing a filter that would send data requests to the area that would fill the request. The current system does not discern between areas, neither is there a tracking system that says who will fill the request or when it has been filled. The concern is that data requests can slip through the cracks, and can’t be monitored. The shift to K box would mean one portal for all requests on campus, filtered by area, offering a built-in tracking system for follow up. There has been agreement that we need a better system. Jordan will preview the system for us at the next RAC meeting so that we can make a decision to utilize K box or not. We should contact Shawn Colman when we are ready to go forward with k box.
  3. HR data forms – Melissa showed us what types of forms she needs for reporting purposes. Holly will work with her to determine the necessary production tables needed to create a data structure for her.
  4. Finance – Labor Projection, Data for Budget Projection, Data for reconcile – We want to be sure that as we rebuild these tables for Nancy that we are merging the right data sources needed to accurately depict the data. We need to confirm data sources from the finance area. Carol referred us to Lee Lindsay.
  5. BI Tools update – CMS is working on the technical documentation and expects to go live after 4 months of creating the infrastructure. Jordan is willing to do a demonstration to show how the tools will work with existing data. He will work with Ward and John and the student data warehouse first to show how a dashboard can be created. It was suggested that Dave Rowe join the group because of his knowledge of the BI technical side.
  6. Sharepoint info – Jordan will do a demonstration of sharepoint next meeting so that people that are unfamiliar with it can see the capabilities and the usefulness of managing a group such as RAC with calendars, agendas and shared documents.
  7. Wiki- Ward inquired as to if we could come up with a single wiki for the whole campus. Currently ITS has a wiki and PB Works has a wiki. The problem with using the k box wiki is that you have to logon to see access the wiki, so it’s not widely available for the campus to use. The positive side is that a wiki is created for every ticket that’s generated.