R.A.C Meeting Notes

Notes for June 3, 2010

In attendance: Jordan Meyer, Holly Aitken, John Filce, Gay Hylton, Daeng Khoupradit, Brendan Brisker, Melissa Koval, Hillary Dashiell, Lee Lindsey, and Jacqueline Nagatsuka

  1. NSSE-Do we want to do the NSSE? How will we use the data? Previous NSSE results were not used in WASC or Learning Outcomes.
  2. SNAP Survey addresses issues with retention and graduation needs and perceptions. CSU owns SNAPS-there will be no cost to use it. Survey will be deployed online.
  3. KBOX-2 pieces to solution: a) create tickets b) user creates tickets. Next update will be actual prototype. Implementation will be ready in several weeks. Jordan needs list of names for prototype. John and Jordan will start working on webpage. Discussed interim implementation of internal tracking system i.e. Sharepoint. IRP will assign owners and monitor all requests until complete (this will start today). Everyone needs to go into SharePoint and change their settings to receive e-mail notifications. Encourage everyone on campus to submit data request forms
  4. Exit Survey-Possible questions: Why are you not coming back? If they didn’t graduate, are they eligible? Why didn’t they re-enroll? IRP will collect this information. Results will be posted on IRP homepage @ www.humboldt.edu/irp