R.A.C Meeting Notes

Notes for May 4, 2010

In attendance: Stephan Grimes, Jordan Meyer, Holly Aitken, Rick Vrem, Ward Headstrom, John Filce, Gay Hylton, Colby Smart, Brendan Brisker, Melissa Koval, Hillary Dashiell, Lee Lindsey, and Jacqueline Nagatsuka

  1. Sharepoint Presentation – Jordan did a presentation on using sharepoint. There is an IRP/RAC sharepoint site that all RAC members have access to. Members can update and add items to the agenda for each meeting. Meeting notes are also posted after the meeting, and a threaded discussion can take place for items needing further discussion. There is an option to connect to Outlook from Sharepoint.
  2. K Box Presentation-Jordan also did a presentation on the use of KBOX. We would like to streamline the research requests that come into ODD jobs by filtering them and sending them to the office responsible for filling them, and have a tracking system that monitors when they are completed. The group felt that we would like to utilize KBOX and John Filce will work with both Jordan and Bethany to create a web form that can be utilized.
  3. Data updates-nothing to note, and ran out of time to discuss
  4. IPEDS Checks- John, as IPEDS Key holder asked each area to report who is responsible for submitting IPEDS data and running the checks when they are due. Financial Aid, Finance and HR will get back to John with that information.