R.A.C Meeting Notes

Notes for October 5, 2010

In attendance: Holly Aitken, Melissa Koval, Ward Headstrom, John Filce, Thomas Swanger, Grace Dempsey, Stephan Grimes, Jordan Meyer, Lee Lindsey, Amber Blakeslee, Brendan Brisker, Gay Hylton, Jacque Nagatsuka

  1. Inclusion of Extension students and non-state terms in warehouse for reporting.  This will allow us to prepare reports for the Budget Office to project revenue implications for decisions regarding the state/non-state status of summer term as well as the movement of specific populations (e.g. Over-60) between main campus and Extension.

  2. OBIE rollout and timeline-Still expecting to roll out beginning of January. There will be two types of training. One for authors-people who can create dashboards and queries, and one for consumers-people who want to view data and see the dashboards. People who were originally trained will have full access to the product. There will be 3 courses, each two hours, and there are 3 focus groups-one for HR, OEM and Internal Finance. There is a Chancellor’s level OBI that Colby is currently doing training on, and that is a different OBI than the HSU OBI, and Jordan hopes people won’t be confused. OBI should be a better interface than hyperion to get data.

  3. KBOX implementation and reports request form-stopped with informing Bethany about groups. Bethany will work on the ticket side of K Box, we’re responsible for using Drupal to create the form. First have to finish accessibility training. We will ask Daeng if she can try and create the form. She will coordinate with Dale because much of the form has code behind it that doesn’t allow the form to be submitted without filling out certain fields. Thomas says the process would be similar to the student withdrawal form that the Registrar’s office just implemented. Jacque will follow up with Bethany and Daeng.

  4. Sharepoint WIKI with the intention of inviting Dave Peters or Phil Rouse to a future meeting-Ward would like us to pursue a wiki where we can store data-related information with a good search function for locating archived information. We’d like to consider sharepoint, but Jordan points out that this version doesn’t have the share or search capability. Jacque will set up a meeting with Josh Callahan and Dave Peters and invite RAC people interested in creating the Wiki to attend.

  5. Is everyone on the committee who should be-representing all data areas of campus? We believe so. Please invite any other relevant parties.

 Thanks for attending everyone!!